Air Domes for Business Entertainment Applications

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Air domes are flexible structures supported by air to temporarily cover a large span of land. The structure starts inflating like a balloon and covers the area to provide the perfect environment for business entertainment applications.

Top 5 Benefits of Air Domes for Business Entertainment Applications

The top 5 benefits of air domes for business entertainment applications include:

Weatherproofing makes them an evergreen option.

The biggest issue with conducting business entertainment events in open spaces is that there could be unexpected weather issues. Something as small as a strong wind current can mess up the whole event. That’s where the weatherproofing capabilities of these domes are very beneficial. These are:

  • Windproof
  • Haze proof
  • Shockproof
  • Snow proof
  • Insect proof

Thus, you get the surety that your event will not be affected by any weather conditions up to a certain extent. The best part is that you still get proper ventilation with filtering systems to breathe fresh air.

Air domes

Energy savings depend on conditions.

An air dome is an energy efficient from the very beginning. Constructing a structure is not a very energy-saving activity as there is a lot of fuel and electricity consumed for running machinery. That's not the case with an air dome, as it does not require the same power for manufacturing or deployment.

Additionally, energy consumption after deployment is also less in several ways, like less light usage during the daytime, easier ventilation, etc.

An eco-friendly option

Air dome is an eco-friendly option for conducting business entertainment events. These do not require a metal fabrication and are made with special elements like a polyvinylidene difluoride membrane.

It is a carbon-free material that is also energy efficient in terms of manufacturing, deployment, and, most important, power consumption. So, it brings an eco-friendly alternative to outdoor structures in several ways.

Air dome


Due to its advanced looks and the long list of features, it is often thought to be much more expensive than it is. While people think it takes too much to make and deploy, having no walls, base, or solid structure cuts costs significantly. The structure is supported with air, and no special interior setup requirements exist.

Additionally, the overall material and machinery required to set these up for business events are less. Thus, it can provide extensive spaces at extremely low costs. Considering all the energy efficiency added to that brings even more cost-effectiveness.

Quick to deploy and long-lasting.

Neither does an air dome take too long to deploy, nor is it a disposable option to get outdoor shelter. Instead, it is an option that comes with a short construction period. In most cases, the whole site is ready within a day, with the practical time for deploying the air dome being 2 hours only.

Moreover, these domes are reusable and long-lasting. So, once the event is over, you can get it packed and ready for the next event.

Get the air domes that meet your business entertainment needs.

Does your company find it hard times to find the best locations for business entertainment applications? Get air domes made to perfection according to your requirements for all events.


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