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Broadwell Air Domes is the global leader in air supported structures. We are a multinational corporation with divisions across the globe. We are the largest producer of air domes in the world, we have the largest dome manufacturing center, and we have domes operational in 17 countries and counting. Our superior dome design allows us to produce the safest, strongest domes in the world.


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Development History

2011 World’s First Moveable High Cleanliness Plant - Foxconn Moveable Electronics Plant

2012 World's First PM2.5 Clean Sports Stadium - Beijing ISB Sports Stadium
2012 World’s Largest Air Dome - Shenhua Bayannur Coal Bunker

2014 The First Strong Typhoon Area Air Dome - Hainan Tunchang National Fitness Stadium
2014 The First Granary Air Dome - China Merchants (Shenzhen) Granary

2016 World’s Largest Water Park Air Dome - Xinjiang Shenmu Water Park
2016 World’s First Air Dome Museum – Hongshan Culture Ruins Museum, Chifeng, China

2017 World’s Largest Projection Air Dome – LA Projection Dome
2017 The First Ice Hockey Air Dome in Tropical Area – Sanya, Hainan

2018 Kung Fu Competition Dome – Dengfeng Egg
2018 WIEE 2018, Tongji University, Shanghai

2020 Broadcamp – Fast Setup Negative Pressure BSL-2 Laboratory

2021 The First ClearStrong® Sports Dome – Taiyuan Crystal Tennis Training Dome

Factory Show

Broadwell Manufacturing Park is the Biggest in current world and the only air dome facto-ry base in China.
The Manufacturing Park and air dome production workshop #1 and workshop #2 were completed in 2015 and in 2017 respectively.
The park covers a total area of 33,145 ㎡ and has two air dome clean room with an area of 9,000 ㎡ and 6,400 ㎡ respectively.
The air dome production workshop is large enough to meet the spreading operation of the membrane. The membrane can be strictly cut, welded and perforated according to the design drawings.
The manufacturing park is equipped with the most advanced membrane and steel cable production and processing equipment,such as the track-type integrated cutting machine , the heat-sealing machine. the longest 120-meter rail machine in China.
The manufacturing park annual production capacity will reach 5 million square meters.

Air Dome Production Workshop:

The production workshop  is aexible and free space with the non-beam & non-column structure which meetthe spreading operation of the mem-brane.

Super Large Space

The production workshop  is aexible and free space with the non-beam & non-column structure which meetthe spreading operation of the mem-brane.

Clean & Dust-free

Main Production Equipment:

36m CNC Cutting Machine

Scientific arrangement of production data, automatic operation.Accurately cut, reduce errors,improve accuracy, ensure quality Standardized and scale production to improve. efficiency andproductivity.

120m+60m rail-type automatic membrane welding machine,25-50 m rail-type highfrequency heat-sealing machine, traditional high frequency heat-sealing machine.

Various types of membrane welding equipment, meet a variety of technical requirements. The 120m rail-type membrane welding machine can do seamless splicing and once-forming.

Membrane Inspection Room

The Air dome manufacturing park has a set of complete and standardized quality inspection system, Which ensures the quality of every  membrane produced by the factory. Test content:membrane welting condition, membrane,check with design drawing.

Broadwell R&D Center:

Industry Uniqueness:

Xi’an R&D Center which was established in 2012 is the uniqueness air dome R&D center in the industry.

Experts Team:

The team is led by the rst-lever registered architect and rst-level registered constructor, and bring together 27 experts who come from constructional engineering, spatial/ structure, electrical automation, computer, hvac and other majors.

Industry-Study-Research Cooperation:

Establish long-term industry-study-research strategic cooperative relations with Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China University of Mining and Technology, Chang’an University and Chinese other famous architectural univer-sity.

High R&D investment:

Broadwell’s R&D investment is up to 10% every year.

Air Dome Lab

Wind Fluid Experiment

Free Fall Impact Testing

Pm2.5 Data Monitoring Experiment

Snow Pressure Simulation Experiment

Wind Tunnel Testing

Patented Cable Harness Simulation Experiment


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