Industrial Storage

Industrial Storage

Broadwell dedicates to provide Green, Healthy, Safe &Economical Industrial Air Dome Space Solution, which is to maximize the efficiency of productivity and provide low cost for large span spaces, Improving the value of spaces and bringing huge economical returns.

  • It is Applied in 10 Different Industry Fields
  • We have Total of 400+ Successful Cases
  • Over 1000000 m2 Accumulated Construction Area.
  • Average Delivery Period: Approximately 40 days

Industrial Storage

  • Raw Material Air Dome Warehouses

  • Air Dome Granary Warehouses

  • Logistic Airdome Warehouse

  • Military Air Dome Spaces

  • Clean Air Dome Workshop Factory

Benefits of Broadwell Industrial Warehouses

1.Lowering the Cost (such as Installation Operation costs)

2.Improving the value of space is the ultimate goal of Broadwell Air Dome.

3.Once customers confirm their needs, Broadwell will arrange a project manger to contact you for Exclusive Project details.

· Safety Technology Design

Unique Bias Harness Cable Net System Provides Better Safety Feature for Broadwell Air Dome

Evenly distributes both Internal Uplift Force and External Force to the Anchorage System, this system will reduce the force on membrane,which provides optimal structural stability, can resist the attack of wind and blizzard, extending the service life of the building;

Lead the shape of air dome change little under high wind load: Under high winds, the displacement of BROADWELL air dome is less than 10cm, while other airdomes are displaced more than 2m.

Broadwell has a number of structural mechanics experts and keep close cooperation with the experts team from Tongji University, Xi ‘An University of Architecture and other universities or institute. We ensure that every project is going through the serious architecture calculation, with strictly mechanical safety guarantee, but not simply building on experience.

Broadwell uses the Calculation Software called EASY from Germany, 3D3SV12 from Tongji University, Shanghai, both of them are the professional software for Air Dome design. We are following the design standard 《Air Structures Design Standards Manual》ASCE17-96 (US. Standard) and some other design standards.

All Broadwell Air Domes are Equipped With Fully Smart Control Systems

Broadwell Air Dome Control and Remote Monitoring system, you are able to monitor the Air Dome through your phone, this control system with alarm function is able to remotely deal with unexpected events.

Broadwell Air Dome is able to Withstand 67m/s hurricanes (level16 typhoon) and 250kg/sqm of snow load on top of the membrane material;Thanks to Broadwell’s Unique Bias Harness Cable Net System and New Clearstrong Transparent Film , which is able to block 95% ultraviolet light , protect people from UV Radiation.

Lead the Shape of Air Dome Change little under High Wind Load

Under high winds, the displacement of BROADWELL air domes is less than 10cm, while the displacement of other air domes are more than 2m, that is dangerous.

Broadwell Latest Portable Inflation/ Ventilation solution has also been applied to our Industrial Air Dome, easy to install and disassembled. This system guarantee the freshness of air inside of air dome.

  • Powerful Professional Computing Capability

    Broadwell have a number of structural mechanics experts and Broadwell have kept close cooperation relationship with experts from TongJi University, Xi’An University of Architecture and other universities or institute. We make sure that each project is going through calculation procedure to guarantee the safety of air dome.)

    Base on two calculation results,Broadwell will cross check with our database (we have the world Biggest Air Dome database including hundreds of air domes in different locations, environment, dimensions, functions, etc.) to find the best solution.

  • Revolutionary Technology Design

    Broadwell’s Fast Setup Clear Dome is the latest solution based on the unique ultra-transparent fabric – ClearStrong®, the whole system is including ClearStrong® Membrane Envelope, Cable Harness System, Inflation System (with EC fan and vent), Door System, Anchorage System and necessary Accessories. If we compared it with the traditional air dome, the cost can be reduced around 50%, the construction period can reduce 90%. It is a new solution of sports site cover such as basketball, tennis, football, swimming pool, etc.

  • Broadwell Potable Inflation/Ventilation Solution

    This is Broadwell’s latest technology, which adopts portable EC Inflation Unit. This kind of Inflation Unit can be easily installed and disassembled.

    Each Air Dome is equipped with several inflation units and each unit is equipped with independent control module & works separately. If one of the inflation units is not working properly, the rest inflation units are able to continously support the Air Dome Structure

HVAC Ducts

The machinery for inflation and HVAC units are located and installed outside of the airdome, with ducts going from the units to inside of the dome via ducts connecting to the dome wall, or via underground ducts coming up into the floor of the dome.

This system is able to control the Freshness of the Air inside of Air Dome.

For Broadwell Air Dome, We applied different anchorage and foundation systems to stablize the entire structure, goal is to simplify installation and dismantle procedure.

This system is equipped with Screw Pile, Earth Anchor, Expansion Anchor Bolt, Concrete Block, etc. It depends on the sizes of the Air Dome, wind & snow load of the site, the ground condition.

Cases Example

Broadwell Air Dome Bunker

For Environmental Protection

Shenhua Group Bayannur Coal Bunker


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