Refrigeration Storage

Refrigeration Storage

Fast Setup & Clear Cold Storage

A New Generation of Cold Storage Facility

Broadwell developed the BroadCool fast-install mobile clean cold storage solution, combining the mature Broadwell Fast-Install modular technology with fresh refrigeration technology, to rapidly build a mobile, clean and aseptic, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent management cold storage.


For example, in the agricultural cold chain, BroadCool can be used for Precooling(0-5°C), processing(Around 20°C), cold storage(0-10°C), or other customized application.






Fresh vegetable & Fruits

Medical Cold Storage

Keep Tea Fresh
Install on the farmland
Logistics Hub



Refrigeration storage



















Detail of Broad Cool Components –

Frame, Grounding and Fabric System



Detail of Broad Cool Components – Frame, Grounding and Fabric System



1. Rapid Installed Frame:


BroadCool Patented Technology

Foldable, Quick Installation


2. 3IN1 Hybrid Grounding System:


Moistureproof & Waterproof

The interior is filled with XPS extruded insulation board

Pressure resistance without deformation


3. BroadCoolFabric System:


Membrane material has excellent sealling performance can minimize loss of Cold Air

The Membrane uses Flame-Resistant material with self-cleaning feature

The Anti-Tearing strength is greater than 2500N/5cm



BroadCool Remote Monitoring System



1. Anti-counterfeiting traceability system:


Every part of the product has a traceability TWO-DIMENSIONAL (QR) code,

scan the Two-Dimensional (QR) code to learn all the product information of the part.




Anti-counterfeiting traceability system


2. Cloud Monitoring Platform:


Each cold storage has embeded a monitoring TWO-DIMENSIONAL (QR) code when it leaves the factory. By scanning the two-dimensional (QR) code,

the device can be connected to the cloud account and the operation status of the cold storage can be queried on the cloud account.




Anti-counterfeiting traceability system



Detail of BroadCool Components –

Air Control System, “BLUESKY”


Air Sterilization System



1. Air Control System:



Free frequency conversion, saving energy consumption

To meet the different refrigeration needs of use



2. “BLUESKY” Air Sterilization System:


Unique BCL solid alkali technology, Bacterialkilling Rate up to 99.31%

Extent Fruit Preservation Time

No harmful substances are produced



“BLUESKY” Air Sterilization System




Broadwell unique patented ClearStrong ®Antibacterial


BroadCool’s inner membrane use Antibacterial membrane material which has been mature applied

to professional medical space,


has the characteristics of killing sedimentation bacteria, can provide aseptic clean environment for cold storage.



Broadwell unique patented ClearStrong ®Antibacterial


BCLSolid Base Technology Experiment



Improve the freshness of fresh products.

At the same time, millions of negative ions are released to the air as full of "vitamins", can improve the role of freshness.



BCLSolid base technology experiment







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