Fast Setup Modular Negative Pressure Hospital Lab

Fast Setup Modular Negative Pressure Hospital Lab

Negative Pressure Hospital

BROADWELL Negative pressure hospital is a fast setup, portable and modular multi-purpose shelter system issued by Broadwell R&D center. It can be widely used in negative pressure hospital, nucleic acid laboratory, military emergency, disaster relief emergency, temporary accommodation and other fields.
With the features of quick installation, convenient transportation, economical and practical products, BROADCAMP can meet the customized requirements of customers in all aspects, and help customers save time and improve efficiency!


Negative pressure ward

It can effectively prevent polluted air leakage and is suitable for treatment of respiratory infectious diseases.

Dual Isolation

Patients and doctors are isolated separately , set-up Neutral Zone to prevent virus spreading between patients and doctors. One AHU unit for each ward, polluted air is discharged to the outdoor only after strict filtration and disinfection.

Quickly Assembly Designed High Strength Aluminum Frame

48 hours to complete a 100beds hospital Saving time for saving lives ——BROADCAMP unique technology—quickly unfolding aluminum arch and quickly plug design

——Internal frame consists of square tubes made up of high strength aluminum alloy, plus with diaphragm effect, as a result, our tent has high strength enough to sustain extreme weather such like blizzard, storm.

New Antimicrobial Material ClearStrong®

1. Main body use white PVDF coated self-cleaning antiaging membrane, corridor use grey.

2. Interior roof and floor use white ClearStrong® membrane.

3. Membrane application environment temperature: -40︒C to 70︒C.

4. Membrane tensile strength >2500N/5cm.


Integrated AHU Unit

This hospital consists of 14 units tents,

dividing functional zone includes 11 isolating wards,

1 warehouse, 1 office and 1 treatment unit

( includes pharmacy, laboratory and radiology room).



Configuration list


1 Aluminum Alloy Frame System
1-1 Aluminum Alloy Frame   1 package  
2 Fabric Envelope System
2-1 Outer Fabric Construct membrane,2500N/5cm 1 package  
2-2 Inner Fabric PVDF self-cleaning membrane, 2500N/5cm 1 package  
2-3 Ground Fabric ClearStrong® antibacterial membrane, 2500N/5cm 1 package  
3 Electronic Device and Accessories
3-1 LED Lighting 18W, 220V, 50hz/60Hz (Optional) 10 pcs  
3-2 Accessories C type clamp, with fasten bolt 1 set  
3-3 Industrial socket box Indoor application, black, IP44 1 set  
3-4 Industrial socket box 6 jacks socket, white, IP44 1 set  
3-5 Portable socket 6 jacks socket, white, IP44 1 pc  
3-6 Connecting cables Power cable, plug-in cable, light cable 1 package  
3-7 Package Oxford water-proof fabric bag, for frame and membrane, transport case 1 package  
3-8 Anchorage Components Anchor nail, with fiber rope and buckle 1 package  
3-9 Attached Accessories User manual, tools bag and installation package 1 package  
A Module A 12*6m Module 7 set The components for each Module A/B including item 1-3 above
B Module B 15*6m Module 7 set
C Module C 2.4*2.8 Module(Joint Channel) 6 set  
C1 Aluminum Alloy Frame Dimension: 2.4*2.8m 1 set  
C2 Fabric Package  
D Integrated AHU unit   14 set  
D1 HVAC System Cooling capacity 18 kW, power input 12kW, air volum 3000 m3/h 1 set  
D2 Purification Section G4+F8+H14 trible filter, (G4 filter inside AHU unit)
D3 Fiber Cloth Duct Ø400, with hanging belt 1 set  
D4 AHU cable HO7RN-F-5*6 mm 1 set  
E Customized Components        
E1 Designed Logo Special design logo as customer required, pasted on membrane or door panel 1 Package  
1. Aluminium Alloy Frame
1-1 Aluminium Alloy Frame 1187.76 sqm 1750*600*260*15 2100*200*260*12 3100*210*270 2350*200*250*2 2900*200*200 1700*200*250 1300*200*250 4590 The Dimension here is for each set of ward (two unit ward), the whole system is with 7 sets. Can be stacked.
2. Fabric Envelope System
2-1 Outer Fabric 1187.76 sqm 1500*2000*2000 1140  
2-2 Inner Fabric 1187.76 sqm 114
2-3 Ground Fabric 1187.76 sqm 1130
3. Integrated AHU System
3-1 Integrated AHU System 13 sets 7340*4400*1670 2600 Net Weight/Size for each single unit: HVAC Unit: L1350*W1350*H770, 20mm more with packing, weight 120kg. Purification Section: L1350*W1350*H820, 20 more with packing, weight 80kg。 Can't be stacked.
4. Lighting System LED
4-1 LED Lighting 210 pcs 1370*1760*400 130 Can't be stacked.
4-2 Cable System 1 package 1500*1500*1500 150  
4-3 Accessories 1 package 500*500*500 100  
Total       107sqm 10980  
Module A
Std. Tent
Module B
Std. Tent
Module C
Channel Unit






The Whole Package with CE Certificate


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