After 10 Years, Broadwellairdome Coal Warehouses Grounded In Inner Mongolia Bayannuur khot Once Again

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We can say that Bayannuur khot is the hometown for Chinese Coal Warehouse Airdome . In 2012, our countrys First Industrial Coal Airdome warehouse was created on this vigorous land. Today, Broadwellairdome grounded on Bayannuur khot region once again.


This time, Broadwell has collaborated with Inner Mongolia Logistic Companies, we have built a sealed airdome which is a environmental friendly coal warehouse,internal span has reached 140 meters; Total Area is 55020 square meters. Once it is available , it is able to store 1 Million Tons Coal.


The issue of ‘Dust Flowing Around the City during transportation becomes a Pain Spot for Environmental Protection in the region . To implement Anti- Air Pollution Policy and to improve the Air Quality in Bayannuur , and to facilitate the construction of City Ecological Civilization, we adopted innovative &sealed warehouse technology, which purpose is to eliminate pollution from the origin.


Coal warehouse airdome is 100 % sealed  airdome structure, which totally eliminated pollution issue.


At the same time, the airdome coal shed adopts the air supply and exhaust mode of mechanical air supply and overpressure exhaust, adopting the dust removal methods such as bag dust removal, plate filter dust removal and water bath dust removal outside the overpressure exhaust port, which can effectively remove the dust in the exhaust air and prevent the formation of secondary pollution. In terms of Gas Control and Coal Dust control, through the use of top regular opened vents, sprinkler Dust Reduction System, Coal Dust Sensing Monitoring, Remote Intelligent Control and other technical methods to achieve safe coal storage, safe production and safe operation.

Ever since Broadwell adopted Airdome technology to Coal warehouse,  , coal airdome has become the mainstream for coal storage after more than 10 years development. As technology continuously to develop, Broadwell has been continuously innovating on Industrial used airdome.

Currently, Broadwells 'Research and Developing Industrial Airdome' 2.0 technology is able to achieve 200 meter large span . Our own heat insulating membrane is able to achieve to lower the temperature by 5-8 degrees automatically without any external forces; Distributed Controlled Technology , it adopts EC Ventilation independent control, it lowers control system risks to improve the reliability of the system, at the same time, it will reduce the energy consumption costs by 50%.

At the same time, Broadwell has developed small cache coal storage system, which is able to realize to store coal for 3-6 month, it costs lower and does not contaminate the environment, it does not burned spontaneously.    


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