Air Domes for Medical Applications

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Air domes are a great option for setting up instant medical facilities, and the best example from the past is the coronavirus pandemic. So, every hospital needs these to deal with emergencies.

Top 5 Benefits of Air Domes for Medical Applications

Air domes bring multiple advantages for their medical applications, including the following.

Quick deployment of mobile hospitals

The thing about mobile hospitals is that they only need the structure. Most of the time, the equipment of hospitals remains the same, and hospitals have surplus equipment for emergencies. Thus, getting an air dome can be much quicker than emptying a constructed building.

On top of that, the air dome can be deployed simultaneously at any location, making it a much better option for any medical emergency.

Air Domes for Medical Applications

Protection from the external environment in case of pandemics

In the case of a pandemic, it becomes essential to protect affected patients from the external environment. That is not very easy with outdated buildings due to their ventilation systems. However, things get extremely easy with an air dome because the structure is filled with air.

So, providing the right ventilation with filtered air makes it much easier to protect everyone inside from external conditions. On top of that, an air dome can protect people inside from strong air currents, wind, sunlight, haze, rain, etc.

The doors/openings can be customized according to need.

Medical facilities need to move equipment and beds in and out of place multiple times a day, which can be a headache if the entrance of the building is not made accordingly with an air dome that can be customized. You can get a single-door or a double-door entrance for the structure according to your requirements. This quality is not quite easily attainable in any other type of medical facility.

Air domes allow easier expansion of remote medical facilities.

Nobody knows for how long is a medical facility required, whether it is about deploying a remote hospital or a pandemic care center. In the worst situations, hospitals need to expand their medical facility centers to cater to more patients in one location.

Achieving that is almost impossible with buildings, but with air domes, that can be done in a day. If you have enough space, one can be deployed, and you instantly get the perfect environment to treat patients.

air domes 

These are low-cost and save energy.

Air dome is a low-cost solution because of its cheap construction. It does not require material, machinery, workforce, and time like a normal building, making it a great choice for hospitals.

Air domes can also bring serious energy savings regarding weather management, air ventilation, filtering, light, power consumption, etc. These make a great choice for mobile hospitals and multiple other medical applications.

Equip your hospital with air domes and provide medical services anywhere.

Every hospital must have air domes to provide emergency remote medical services. The best part is that these can be customized to meet every requirement, like space utilization, filtration, weather control, etc.


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