Broadwell Air Dome Annual Review

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Table Of ContentsIconic Events and Project Throughout the Year)

1.20 Years Anniversary Celebration

2.Pink Little Prince

3.Low Carbon Emission Exhibition Center


Broadwell has completed nearly 50 Projects throughout the year of 2023. Among all of these projects, 2 iconic projects and a special event can be marked as the milestone for Broadwell Air Dome Development this year, both can be considered as an innovation of the Air Dome industry.


20 Years Anniversary Celebration

Broadwell celebrated 20 years anniversary on Feb 16th- 20th 2023 in HuiZhou Regal Palace DeRUCCI Resort Hotel.Employees from ShenZhen Headquarter, Xi’an Research and Development Center, Yancheng Production Air Dome Manufacture Center gathered together to celebrate the 20 years of prosperity of Broadwell Air Dome. Broadwell Air Dome has been growing and evolving throughout the past 20 years: From a brand new product to became a mature product within the industry, Broadwell has made Air Dome structures available to public and the strength of the membrane has been continuously reinforced. In 2006, the First Rooftop Broadwell Air Dome built on top of a building; Starting from the first Air Dome with cable harness system, Broadwells technology Innovation and application scenarios coverage are the frontrunner in the industry. Broadwell has collaborated with Foxcoon, TCL etc wellknown corporations to bring this innovated Air Dome structure idea to the public. Air Dome structures have brought convenience to the public, especially during covid 19 pandemic, Broadwell had donated multiple Experiment labs to different regions to support Covid 19 nucleic acid tests. To embrace high speed development, Broadwell possesses market domination in Sports, Industry, Medical, Agriculture, Cold Chain, Military fields . In the past 20 years of development, our Company used Air Dome technology to collaborate with multiple industry fields.  In the past 20 years, Broadwell has entered the Russia, USA, Canada, Southeast Countries, Korea, Qatar, Israle, Saudi Arabia. Greek markets. Broadwell holds competitive advantages in terms of Air Dome production because we have our own research & development center in XiAn.  


After going through 20 years of steady development, Broadwell Team has gradually built a well-established Air Dome system and created a great management style that make company goes further in the market. Broadwell never forgets about our social responsibility, we have actively participated in various charitable activities, such as 90% of our productions are used to fight against covid-19 pandemic worldwide. Broadwell takes the responsibility to embrace the new demand from the market and new challenges that brought up by the society, Broadwell tries to create value for our customers and the society. We have perceived a new perspective for Air Dome Industry.




Pink Little Prince Air Dome Laser show (Overseas Project)


Little Prince Air Dome Laser show was built and designed by Broadwell.This project was located in Miami City. It showed in Miami Jungle Island where fantasy world and Technology were collaborating with each other. Recently, an Immersive Virtual Reality experience activity---The Little Prince World Immersive experience show played inside of   Pink Air Dome, this well-known Fairy Tale was shown to the book club fans around the world through Virtual Reality technology.

This project provided Realistic Visual Effect, all angle project screens provided realistic feelings to visitors, it brought back the childhood memories through immersive experiences ,visitors could actually feel that they can interact with movie characters. It is dust-proof, this structure has no beam and column inside, which provides much larger spaces for you.


This project displayed realistic visual effect, all dimension project screen provides realistic feelings to visitors, it brought back the childhood memories,visitors can actually feel the spiritual world of little prince.


Air Dome Laser show is a qualified as carrier to achieve virtual reality and laser show performance, AR Technology is getting sophisticated, Air Dome and AR Technology combined are able to create realistic virtual reality experiences, besides, Air Dome can be turned into music festival Live stage house, Cinema etc. Currently, this structure plays an important role especially in culture and entertainment fields . This project has received multiple media attentions and it broadcasted by mainstream Miami Medias -Miami New Times ,miami herald, Ocean Drive, Tik Tok , Tripadvisor etc, the list goes on and on.


Lower Energy Consumption, smaller size and lower heat dissipation to create a better experiences for our customers, Broadwell offer permanent and temporary structures, temporary stadium can be quickly installed and dismantled, costs are lowered as well.



Low Carbon Emission Launch Zone Air Dome Exhibition Center


Built and Located in LongGang District (International Low-Carbon Emission City Air Dome Exhibition Center ) by Broadwell.The purpose is to build a Green &Low Carbon Emission Exhibition structure, raising the awareness of Environment Protection. This structure becomes the largest ‘Air Dome Exhibition’ Center around the world.


Air Dome structure will produce Low Carbon Emission, which can be relocated & reused for multiple times. This Air Inflated structure is designed in modular form and also equipped with smart control system, which are cozy and practical for users. This type of structure is considered as ideal ‘Green Low Carbon Emission Structure.’ Air Dome Exhibition Center has been grounded in ‘Shenzhen International Low Carbon Emission city,’ which has provided different types of Low Carbon Emission structures to the cities, it also satisfied the demand of ‘Low Carbon Emission Green Structure’. This structure becomes the symbol of Green Development of low-carbon emission city.

These two stadiums produce low-carbon emission, the installation procedure follows the goal of ‘Sustainable Development’ , the design of the stadium will lower the operation costs, this structure is able to adopt sunlight during the day, which help owners saves electricity and other type of bills.

For security, Broadwell has applied Bias Harness Cable Net system which makes Air Dome structure stronger.  


A building structure such as a shelter represents a physical separation of the human habitat (a place of comfort and safety) from the outside (a place that may be harsh and harmful at times). Ever since the first cave paintings created, buildings have been objects or canvasses of much artistic expression,which is main area for energy consumption and carbon emission. That s why Broadwell built low carbon emission buildings.



This structure can be easily assembled and repeatedly used. This type of structure will consumpe less energy, such as saving water and materials used in construction process, it does not need too many people involved in installation process. This structure uses environment friendly materials. It protects the environment and reduces CO2 Emission, providing healthy & friendly environment which maximized the efficiency.Structure has raised the awareness that human and nature can be friendly co-existed. Best of all, construction period is much shorter compare to traditional concrete buildings. This structure will not damage the ground floor- No digging required during installation. Ground condition can be completely recovered when Air Dome structure removed after use. Our Air Dome structure usually uses 3 layer membrane and this membrane materials that allow light to penetrate through, membrane material has great thermal insulation feature and light can easily penetrate through the material, it equipped with Broadwell Remote smart control system.


Coating layer -PVDF Processing Coating , PVC Coating,  Fabric Layer , Clearstrong Anti-Backteria layer.The diameter of #1 air dome exhibition center reaches 143 meters, Broadwell breaks the new record. 



All accomplishments will be achieved through hardworks, Broadwell believes that we are heading to a great start next year.


As we start to close out 2023, Broadwell Air Dome business leaders should be doing more than just providing frequent feedback to their people. They should also be actively asking for feedback from their people to create a better working environment for everyone and come up with structures that are beneficial to the environment. Understanding what motivates employees and how do we create for better products to make peoples life easier is the priority. Broadwell Air Dome will always be on your side.



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