Broadwell Air Dome appeared on 2023 International Circulating Agricultural Products Expo with our “Mobile Local Pre-Cooling New Proposal”

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On July 24th 2023, '2023 International Agricultural Products Circulating Industry Meeting and the 10th Chinese International Agricultural Products Trade Connection Conference' kicked off in Xi'An International Exhibition Center. This time, Broadwell brought Mobile Local Pre-Cooling Fresh- Keeping New Proposal to Exhibition this year, it has attracted great attention from audiences and different Media.

As a New Type of assembled Mobile Cooler ,Broadwell Quick Installed Mobile Cooler matches Pre-cooling & Cooling demand of Local Agricultural products, which has filled the missing spot of “Quick Installed Mobile Cooler.’ Broadwell has brought an actual product to the exhibition center to allow the audiences to see the product and ask questions. Audiences were able to interact and feel the product.

National 14th Five-Year Development Plan for Cold Chain Logistics

The requirement for Development Goal of National 14th -Five Year Cold Chain Logistic Plan : Improving overall the Cold Chain logistics temperature Compliance Rate; Meat Product, Vegetables, Local Low temperature processing rate has reached to 85%,30 %, 85% after production loss and food circulation wastes have been reduced; Perfected base station network from the origin of cold chain ; We have developed socialized services such as rental of cold chain logistics facilities and equipments in production area. Exploring and developing sharing’ Field Station mobile coolers etc, improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of cold chain logistics facilities at the source of origin.

Under the Background of 14th Five Cold Chain Logistics Policy, Broadwell has successfully developed Quick Installed Clean Mobile Freezer, which is created to meet the demand of precooling of the local area, we have successfully grounded this project in HangZhou, Yunnan, Guizhou areas, which is to achieve Local Precooling process for Vegetables and fruits in Hangzhou,Yunnan to keep the freshness of the agricultural products. Broadwell Quick Installed clean mobile cooler has resolved long installation period, our product can be relocated easily , it does not need to file complicated paper works to the local government, it has larger spaces and cost low in terms of transportation, it can be independently sterilized.

Researching & Developing Background

In our country,precooling is not popular among any products, deterioration rate of vegetable and agricultural products is around 18%, which is really high compare to the developed country which is only 5% .Deterioration has caused huge financial loss up to 300 Billion Chinese Dollars.

Let us use Blueberry as an example, Blueberry has great value but it is hard to store after harvest. If we could use precooling facilities at the place where we harvest Blueberry, Blueberry will have better taste, higher nutritive value. All the results will be transferring to economic value, which will create huge demand for precooling tent.However the reality is that from Yunnan even to nationwide, precooling equipments are in huge demand in the area where production occurs, shortage of precooling equipments are the key factor to cause high deterioration rate of agricultural products.

Therefore, to build pre-cooling tent in the local area is the top priority. Agriculture products plantation is located within small range and splitted into different regions, therefore immovable freezers are not able to meet “Flexible” and ‘Low Costs” requirements. If the freezer can be locally installed and it will only take small room, location selection is flexible and random for Broadwell Cooling Tent, Mobile Cooling Equipments are in line with the current Chinese Agricultural Status.

Base on this condition, Mobile Precooling storage tent was created in response to customers’ demand.

The Benefits of our products

Broadwell ‘Quick Installed clean Mobile Freezer' is a mobile freezer which combines mature Quick Installation Technique and Cooling Technique together, which is able to meet the demand of Pre-Cooling for local agricultural products, cooling, manufacturing multiple demands etc. Our cooling tent installation does not need to report to local government for approval;This product is able to be flexibly settled in various kinds of ground , it is easy to move, transportation will cost very low price. In terms of cooling technique, Broadwell has collaborated with 'sunnet' cooling company to jointly developing and designing cooling system for our tent, this system can quickly cool the designated scenario and saves cost for merchants.

Large Spaces, Large Capacity Volume, it takes up 84 square meter land , the height is about 3 meters in the middle, capacity volume is 197 cubic meters.

It can be quickly set up and easy to move. Installation for single freezer will only take 2-3 hours, and it is able to be expanded according to actual business needs. It will satisfy the requirement for different seasons in rural areas;It will improve utilization efficiency.

Clean and Bacteria Free -We have adopted BLUESKY Biological sterilization cleaning technology , which can effectively kill different kinds virus( such as coronavirus,) Fungi, Formaldehyde, and remove Odor. It will extend Freshness period of fruits and vegetables, which will not have any negative impacts on our body.

It saves energy. Energy Consumption is approximately 0.5-1.0 KWH per square meter daily for our cooling tent.

Low Transportation costs-Each component can be disassembled, packed separately, it is easy to transport, transportation costs are only 1/10 of cold storage container.

Smart Management System: You are able to monitor real time status of the freezer, include location, electricity consumption, temperature & moisture, door status, equipments operation malfunction.

You do not need to report for approval : Broadwell Quick installed Mobile Cooler belongs to equipments, therefore, in the actual grounded procedure, we do not need to report for approval.


We have found the new Mobile cooler path which consider Quick Installed Freezer as the main Blueberry precooling cold chain new path in WenShan County in Yunnan Provinces.

WenShan County in Yunnan Province is the place where Blueberry production occurs, there are thousands of Blueberry Production companies in this area. The additional value of blueberry is really high, it has great economic value. However blueberry is hard to be stored , it has strict requirement for cold chain. This year, Broadwell has collaborated with ‘Ten Mile Garden”in QiuBei County of Wen Shan, which have made it to be the first group of Quick Installed Mobile Cooling project. On March, the first 5 sets of broadwell cooling dome have been grounded in “ Ten Mile” Berry Garden, it can be classified into one pre-cooling tent( 3-5 ℃ ), one cold storage and three manufacturing warehouses ( 12 ℃), Blueberry will go through processing unit to start screening and selecting , weighing, packaging of series procedures, then it will be sent to precooling tent for storage, finally it will goes to cold storage to store. On May, there were 3 sets of cold storage entered Blueberry garden, it will operate with previous 5 sets of warehouse at a faster speed, the purpose is to take a position for Blueberry in QIUBEI county.

Revelation from Experiences

We find out that Mobile Cooling Tent is perfect for vegetables and fruits which have high additional value, which need to go through pre-cooling process right after the picking-up process. Broadwell mobile cooling tent has great value in veggies and fruits application.

All Pre-cooling tents will be installed at the location, it will only take up a very small space, which is able to lower the temperature very quickly. After using, it will be easily disassembled and transferred to the next location, which is a perfect choice for fruits and vegetables. Broadwell cooling tent extends the life of Agricultural Products.

The best thing is that Broadwell Air Dome can be rented, sold , this product is perfect for different time periods, different kinds of fruits and vegetables, different regions. It is able to be settled in various scenarios. It actually helps farmers to generate more profits from their products .


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