Broadwell Innovated Industrial airdome 2.0 Technology, to create Green Harbour

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As the pioneer of industrial airdome field, Broadwell is the First Company to apply ‘Sealed Airdome’ technology to Habour which is used for material storage. In 2015, China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited Granary Airdome which built by Broadwellairdome has made the groundbreaking processes for Habour Storage since then.


Marketing Department Manager of Broadwell has revealed that the research department of Broadwell has been investing a lot of money and energy into Industrial Warehouse Airdome Technology since 2012, after overcoming technical bottleneck, we have successfully developed the first generation of Industrial warehouse airdome( Abbr. Industrial Dome 1.0) , we have collaborated with Shenhua Group to apply Sealed Coal warehouse airdome in Inner Mongolia as coal storage warehouse, which has been successfully resolved the issue of “ High Costs. Long Working Periods, difficult to maintain”. Broadwell has set the Industrial Airdome Standards.


Currently, Broadwell has developed Industrial airdome technology v 2.0 , we have made great breakthrough in terms of thermal insulated membrane technology, Distributed Controlled Technology and Long Term Coal technology. Thermal Insulation membrane technology adopts Broadwells independent developed ClearStrong, strong resisting membrane material Infrared blocking rate up to 80%. If we compare with traditional membrane material, airdome has good thermal insulated feature,which is able to lower the temperature inside of airdome by 5-8 degree celsius.


Distributive Control Technology, which adopts centralized and decentralized control method, EC fan is controlled decentralized independently, to lower the risks of control system, which will improve reliability of the control system and lower the energy consumption costs by 50% or above. Long term coal storage technology provides small cellar storage system for long term coal storage customers, which realizes to store coal for 3-6 months for long term, it costs lower and no pollution generated, it will not burn spontaneously and protect coal to not  run-out.


At the same time, in terms of creating Green Clean Energy supply for habour, Broadwell combined photovoltaic solar energy and airdome in 2017 , we have researched and developed photovoltaic technology and verify & Pass by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee.Broadwells industrial airdome 2.0 integrated photovoltaic airdome technology, it achieves lowering the pollution for harbour , at the same time, airdomes improve the application of clean energy, it achieves 100% self-sufficient electricity supply for habour , creating the real-zero carbon harbour, green habour.


As National SRDI Little Giant cooperation, in the future, Broadwell will continue to stick to the benefits of Research and Development, we will fully comply with the new requirement of Eco-Civilization.  


Our goal is reaching  3060 Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals.” We want to focus on large span Green airdome material storage sealed field , to serve more companies in Port industry, we want to be part of  Smart Habour Project   Green Habour project.  



Even though an old good steed lies near the trough, it's ambition is still to go for thousands of miles, to respond to Green Environment, we have been speeding up the construction processes of Green Harbour recently, the demand of sealed Environmental Friendly airdomes have been increasing.



Due to huge outdoor Harbour storage spaces, large quantities of materials, if we adopt traditional concrete structures to govern the pollution which will definitely put a lot of pressure on financing for a company. Sealed airdome warehouses featured with large span inside, short construction period, good impermeability feature , which applied for sealed storage of balk cargo. It will reduce investment costs, bringing good environmental benefits, which is completely matching the concept of  Green Harbour.


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