Broadwell showed up in the First Southeast Asia Cold Chain Logistics Expo

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From Nov 24th to 26th , First Southeast Asia Cold Chain Logistics High Quality Development Forum International Modern logistics Expo held in KungMing. Shenzhen Broadwell has brought Quick installed Clean Mobile Cold Storage solutionto this expo. Broadwell Air Dome have brought a 84 square meters cold-storage to the events, which will give the audience a comprehensive understanding about our cold storage products.


Economic Loss during Vegetable and Fruit transfer processes from farm to shops is a significant issue in Agriculture, Deterioration rate of Fruits & Vegetables is a large number after harvesting, the current cooling refrigeration system is not good enough for quick relocation, current existed equipments are not be able to be cleaned effectively which may cause serious health issues.( Especially for food related products). Cooling equipments are especially effective during pandemic such as Covid 19 and other types of diseases. Our Broadwell cooler can be easily assembled in the farming land, preserving fresh agricultural product right away, saving farmers from economical loss. Two of our patented technologies, ClearStrong Bacteria-Proof Membrane material and Bluesky Sterilizing method provide bacteria free environment, which are pivotal for Agricultural Product & Medical Product Storage. You are able to adjust and control the internal temperature through our smart system , our positve and negative pressure system to achieve sterilizing process or cooling process, which keeps the bacteria away from the products. 

Broadwell have explicitly explained the product details and tried to cleared the confusion from the audiences through distributing paper material and videos. Broadwell have shown the great features of Quick Installed Mobile Cold Refrigeration Storage, such as Quick Installation, Great volume , Quick Freezing, Sterile Preservation, Easy to Re-Located, Low Transportation Costs, Intelligent Management system. We have clearly explained to the clients The differences among traditional freezers and Mobile Refrigeration Warehouses, Cold Storage Containers. Some of the clients directly walked into our cold storage warehouse to experience the large space and great volume of Broadcool, to let visitors feel the durability of skeleton structure and the texture of membrane materials.


Broadwell officials have told the clients and visitors, Broadwell Cold Refrigeration Storage Warehouses have already been grounded in ZheJiang, Yunnan, Guizhou Provinces. Local fruit farmers are feeling great about our products because the warehouses are able to pre-cool fruit&vegetable products within 72 hours after harvesting, it ensures the quality of the fresh products. When it is the right season to harvest fruits and vegetables, fresh products are able to be quickly transported to other places without getting rotted. It reduced the transportation costs which provides flexibility to the farmers and merchants.


Broadwell Patented Technologies has been applied to Broadwell Cold Refrigeration Storage  , which includes Rapid Quick Installed Skeleton Structure; 3N1 Mixed Floor System; Broadcool Membrane System’’; Cold Cool Air Technology; BLUESKY Air Processing Sterilizing System; Broadcool Remote Control System etc . This product has given a new idea to Cold chain logistics equipments.


Broadwell will continuously to promote this mobile cooling refrigeration storage product to help out the cold-chain logistic infrastruction sector.Broadwell wants to bring new refrigeration warehouse technology to the country, improving cold-chain logistic infrastructure network in the country.


To respond to Nations Cold Chain Logistics Policy around the world, Broadwell has accelerated the innovation in mobile cold-storage technology development. We have actively participated in cold-chain development in the country ,which has become a great Turnkey solution project.


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