Deeply Merging Cultural & Tourism Industry, Air Dome Catches the Spotlight

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The trending of merging Cultural Tourism and Sports industry will be popular as people getting aware of the importance of healthy lifestyle. Air Dome -This structure is an important connection to link different industries. It not only extend practical use of stadium, but also providing a diversified possibilities for air inflated structures, which will provide unprecedented experiences for the public.


As the advanced ecological space technology and service provider-air dome , Broadwell Air Dome is dedicated to the integrated development of cultural & sports industry. Recently, A new Air Dome structure built by Broadwell and National Controlled Groups shown up in BaoDing Hebei, a sign indicates entering a new market for Air Dome structure.


The First Tennis Air Dome of National level was built in BaoDing


This Tennis Air Dome was built by strictly following National Standard


There are 8 pieces of Tennis Courts, total area reaches 4025 square meters. The top of the dome has a unique arch shape, height reaches 13.5 meters, no beam and column. Internal environment inside is clean and has completely followed standard of space design; It is the first indoor tennis stadium which has meet national standard, an indication that sports facilities has been advanced within the Baoding City.



Stable Temperature and lower noise, Broadwell creates the premium sports experiences.


The Temperature, Noise Cancellation, Lighting facilities have met the high standard to satisfy Game Standard.Broadwells constant temperature Air Dome has always kept the internal temperature between 12-18 degree Celsius; The double-layer Insulation Cotton structure and Airtight Design has effectively isolated external noise, meeting the standard for hosting tennis game, to provide an exercise environment with lower noise, which will satisfy the standard of tennis competition. This structure can provide exercise environment with lower noisy sound. Our Diffuse reflection Lighting system will provide shadow free, non-dazzling lighting experience which will make sure athletes will always have a great vision without disruption during the game.  

Broadwell Air Dome only took 50 days to complete this project, we pre-make 90% of our dome and install it on the site, No pollution, No emission. This structure is completely operated through our smart system, which will be able to improve the efficiency in management and save costs. This type of structure has always been referred to Green Structure, it will produce zero emission and zero pollution to the environment which will shape the positive image of the city.


This Tennis Air Dome on national level has become a new example for promoting cultural and sports industry development  within the city, green development, stadium that runs at higher efficiency. Smart system will improve the life experience of local people, the goal is to raise the awareness of exercises.


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