Demand To Exercise After Flu

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Have you ever wondering the why some people can quickly recovered from Covid19? Some of them are still suffering. Those who recovered from Covid 19 have one thing in common, exercising regularly without interruption, which will boost the metabolism speed to create a strong immune system. Most importantly, choosing the right place to exercise is top priority, because when you do exercise, pores of your body is wide open for breathing, so virus will be easily getting through the pores of your body, therefore you should exercise in a well- protected environment-such as an Air Dome structure with stable temperature and smart controlled environment to eliminate side effect of environment.

Covid-19 has greatly affected the way we live(Required Testing for Covid-19 on a daily basis;Wearing Face Masks everyday). Cambridge Open Engage found that Americans were exercising less than usual during the pandemic period, they were sitting and looking at the different types of screens(Playing on their phone and computers) at home all day. In a sample of about 3,000 U.S. adults, people who were meeting exercise guidelines before the pandemic reported an average 32% reduction in physical activity once social-distancing measures went into effect.

Physical Fitness fades surprisingly quick. It can take as little as a few weeks of inactivity for health markers like oxygen uptake, blood volume and muscle strength to take a hit. It can also take longer to get back in shape than it took to get out of shape. One study found that it took about six weeks to regain muscle strength after two inactive weeks.

Therefore, exercising in a progressive order is essential to recover from Covid-19 or other types of illness. A scientific research has revealed a Correct Way to exercise .

Here is how you should exercise based on scientific research:

Doing breath exercises, having a gentle walk, stretching your muscle when you sit or walk , you should be doing a gentle stretch each time, stretching exercise should be lasted for 15-20 seconds each time.

Several Moves that You need to Consider Doing for exercise:

First Move: Stretching arms forward to keep arms straight, moving your arms to the other side cross your chest, using the other arm to press it towards chests, until you can feel stretch over your shoulders, then you should switch arms and do the same move.

Second Move: Stretching your legs when you sit on a chair, placing your feet on the ground. Put your hands on the opposite leg as support. Sit straight, bend the upperbody until you can feel stretch over your legs, then switching to the other side to continue the same moves.

Third Move: Splitting your foot when standing, moving your body to lean on the wall, placing one of your leg on the ground , bending your front leg , do not lift up your heel , you will feel your legs being stretched.

Forth Move: Stand and hold onto something solid as support. Moving one leg back backward and bending it, using hand on the same side and lift the leg until you can feel that the front side of your leg is being stretched. Switching to do the same.

Low Intensity Activity

What can be defined as Low Intensity Activity?

Such as : Walking, Little Houseworks. You can gradually increase exercise time from 10-15 Minutes each day, you should at least keep it for 7 days and no PEM symptoms showed up, then you can enter next phase.

Moderate Strength Activity

Such as: Doing Quick Moves, Climbing and Walking down stairs , Jogging, Introducing degree of inclination climbing, introducing resisting forces exercises.

First Move: Pushing Walls - Placing Both hands on the wall while hands are aligning with shoulders, the distance to the wall is approximately 30 cm from both of your feet. Bending your arms to let the body get closer to the wall, then gently pushing the wall until you can fully extend your arm.

1.Biceps Brachii Bending

Placing Both arms close to the body , holding a heavy object on both hands, palms are oriented towards the body. Lifting both arms until they are aligning with both shoulders( but can not be higher than shoulder, then gently put down both arms).

Strengthing Leg Exercises, from sitting to standing. Sitting on the chair and split both legs, aligning with the width of the hip, place both hands on both sides of the body or cross placed it over the chest, slowly standing up, keep the post and count to 3, then slowly sit on the chairs.

Knee Stretching out

Sitting on the chair, moving feet closer to each other, stretching one knee, stretching one leg for a moment,and then slowly put it down. Switching to another leg and repeat the movement. Extending the time when stretching your legs, you can count to three.


Lying against the wall or other solid surfaces, split the feet. Moving your feet forward where the distance to the wall is approximately 30 cm, while keeping your back against the wall, you can hold a chair and slowly bend your knees for a little bit, allowing your back to sliding against the wall. Keep your hips above your knees. Pause for a moment and then slowly straighten your knees.

Lifting up your heels

Placing your hand on a solid surface(such as chair) to keep balance, but do not lean on it. Lifting up your heels and slowly put it down.

Running, Ridding Bicycle, Swimming and dancing classes.

Returning to Regular Training/ Sports Activities/ Activities

After getting the Flu ,Immune System is weakened, therefore the demand for a clean exercise environment is priority.

Broadwell Patented Technology Blue SkyPurification System combines with Air Dome structure, this is advance Air Filtering devices, which can effectively eliminate 99% 2.5-micrometer Particulate Matter. Broadwell will provide you an absolute Dust- Free environment, Broadwell built the first Smog-Free clean Gymnasium within the city, it is designed to fit smog Type of environment(Especially helpful in Highly Industrialized City), Purification system is able to purify dirty air and convert air into clean air. Broadwell developed 'Cold -Bridge Proof' Membrane. This material will prevent 'cold-Bridge effect' which will prevent cold air penetrate through the membrane. This material will keep inner space warm and save electricity cost during winter through low permeability, keeping inner temperature stable.

Our bodys Immune System is weakened after getting flu, getting exposed to an open environment is more likely to get sick, outdoor exercise may not be a good decision after recovered from the flu( or recovered from other type of illness), therefore you should definitely play inside of air dome stadium. It actually perform like a protection shield which block all hazardous particles for you. Protecting you from extreme weather and giving you enough space to play and work.Heat retention is extremely important for athletes, cause rapidly changing temperature will leave huge impacts on the athletes overall performance. Inhaling Air Quality during exercise will be the key factor to determine victory of the game.

Broadwell Equipments:

Air Inflow and Outflow.

Air Domes are pressurized structures, with air blowers constantly inflating the dome. Our domes come with both a main inflation unit and an auxiliary inflation unit that is powered by a natural gas- or propane-powered engine, which automatically starts up when the inflation pressure goes down. The inflation units automatically adjust the pressure of the dome. Our mechanical engineers (licensed in all 50 states) determine the amount of CFM needed in your inflation units to maintain pressure, replace lost air, and provide needed air exchanges in the dome. Inflation units can also include enough CFM to replace air lost through open exit doors. This is required for domes with an occupancy of 50 or more, per IBC 2018 3102.8.3 and ASCE 55-16 C6.3.1.5.

The inflation and HVAC units are located outside of the dome, with ducts going from the units to inside of the dome via ducts connecting to the dome wall, or via underground ducts coming up into the floor of the dome.

But Here Comes the Question: Is Training in Air Dome as Good As Training Outdoors?

Admittedly, playing and practicing under the Air dome isn’t exactly like being outdoors.

However, it doesn’t take long for coaches and collegiate athletes to embrace the benefits of playing and practicing in a dome ‒ especially when they live in a colder climate.

Benefits to Play inside of Air Dome!

1. Improved Athletic Performance

Winter is a polarizing season. But whether you love it or hate it, you can’t argue with the toll it can take on your athletes.

Low temperature impacts muscle performance. Research suggests that our muscles lose 2-5% of performance for every degree they are cooled.This affects a whole range of muscular properties, including the time it takes to generate peak tension and then to relax. There is a scentific research proof.

Cold disrupts the nervous impulses that control muscles, delaying the sequence that activates to create and control muscle movement. This equates to a 10 -20 % loss in vertical jump height and a 25% in a peak muscle power .

The lower, the temperature, the more care you must take to warm up and avoid pulling or straining a cold muscle.

Simply put, cold weather puts field sport athletes at a big disadvantage. It limits their ability to make gains in their training and improve their skills.

Besides, who really enjoys doing drills in the freezing cold?

2. Safety First

Having your teams to practice outside in the winter puts them at considerable risk of injury.

Studies have linked colder temperatures to higher rates of injury in athletes. This is the result of the body’s natural 'shiver responses', combined with reduced circulation, ramps up the risk of muscle tearing or straining.

Besides that, but the transition from fall to winter means your field will be covered in frost, then snow. You’ll have players slipping, sliding and taking a spill on the wet grass ‒ which is all fun and games until somebody breaks a wrist or an ankle.

It isn’t worth the risk.

Whats Good About Regular Exercises ?

Exercise can boost your memory and thinking skills

Exercise benefits your health in so many ways. It preserves muscle strength; keeps your heart strong; maintains a healthy body weight; and staves off chronic diseases such as diabetes.

But exercise can also boost memory and thinking skills.There's a lot of science behind this.

Exercise stimulates physiological changes in the body such encouraging production of growth factors — chemicals that affect the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, and even the abundance, survival, and overall health of new brain cells.

Many studies have suggested that the parts of the brain that control thinking and memory are larger in volume in people who exercise than in people who don't. Engaging in a program of regular exercise of moderate intensity over six months or a year is associated with an increase in the volume of selected brain regions.

Exercise can also boost memory and thinking indirectly by improving mood and sleep, and by reducing stress and anxiety. Problems in these areas frequently cause or contribute to cognitive impairment.

Which Exercise is the Best for the Brain?

Is one exercise better than another in terms of brain health? There is no right answer to this question, because almost all of the research so far has looked at one form of exercise:

walking. "But it's likely that other forms of aerobic exercise that get your heart pumping might yield similar benefits," explains Dr. McGinnis.

How to Maximize the Brain Benefits of Exercise

Experts recommend establishing exercise as a habit , almost like taking a prescription medication. Aiming for a goal of exercising at a moderate intensity,

such as Brisk Walking — for 150 minutes per week. Start with a few minutes a day, and increase the amount by five or 10 minutes every week until you reach your

goal.Exercising in dome is like taking the best medicine and since several studies have shown that it takes about six months to start reaping the cognitive

benefits of exercise, he reminds you to be patient as you look for the first results — and to continue exercising for life.


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