How Does An Air Dome Work

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Air domes are largely used in sports facilities, mainly to cover sports fields during the offseason. These domes are popular because they can create a controlled atmosphere that is independent of weather conditions. Additionally, air domes are relatively cheap and can be erected quickly with minimal construction.

Construction of an Air Dome

Air domes have a simple design, consisting of an inflatable structure that is supported by an internal air pressure system. The inflatable structure can be made of different materials like polyester, nylon or PVC coated with an additional layer of acrylic or polyurethane to provide extra stability. The structure is then supported by an air pressure system that fills the dome with air, keeping it inflated at all times.

Air Pressure System

The key element in the design of an air dome is the air pressure system, which consists of a series of blowers connected to the structure of the dome. The blower works by sucking air from outside the dome and pushing it into the dome through ducts and vents. The pressure created by the blowers keeps the structure of the dome rigid, making it capable of withstanding wind and other environmental pressures.

Advantages of Using an Air Dome

Air domes are popular because of their versatility. They can be used to cover different types of sports fields like football, tennis, basketball and others. One significant advantage of using air domes is that they allow for extended play during inclement weather conditions like rain, snow or high winds. Additionally, the controlled environment created inside the dome can provide an excellent space for hosting events and other non-sporting activities like concerts, trade shows, and exhibitions.


In conclusion, air domes are an ingenious solution for sports field management. They provide a controlled environment that is independent of weather conditions, making them a suitable option for use in any season. The construction of air domes is also relatively straightforward, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. As such, it is no surprise that air domes are becoming an increasingly popular option for sports facility management around the world.


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