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Why Air Dome Structure?

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Story begins with an experiences of mine, there was an construction work for an office building started in front of my house, this construction only lasted for several month and paused suddenly due to Financial status.


For Air Dome Types of structure, this type of situation is unlikely to happen due to lower price with same functionality. You may ask what are the benefits of dome?  Air Supported Domes were and still are—a cost-effective structure, a fact that appealed three decades ago to cities that were counting their Financial Status. If a municipality or university determined it needed a roof, an Air-Supported dome was far cheaper than a fixed or retractable roof stadium and it could be constructed with relative expediency.


The cost to rent a Broadwell Air Dome is as low as 137 CNY per day, a fantasy number when compared to current building constructions, which allows more people to enjoy the fun of sports. Air-Supported domes also offer an unobstructed(Free) open interior space. Since there is no need for support columns and beams, sports fans never miss a strikeout or interception. Additionally, an Air-Supported roof allows for the scheduling of multiple activities. From sports events to music concerts, from civic gatherings to political events. A dome could then generate income year-round, in all weather.


“The economy of professional sports has changed since the early 1980s,” who worked as a design engineer on the Metrodome. “Much more capital is now spending on venues than 20 and 30 years ago, making the cost saving aspect of an Air-Supported dome far less relevant.”


Even though Air Dome structure is known by limited number of people. Nowadays, there are so many institutions recognize the benefits of Air Dome, because it is able to adapt to various ground conditions and flexible to use.  


Air Dome Type of structure is perfect for Rooftop, Gardening, Business Complex, Small Communities various kinds of ground conditions.


Broadwell Air Domes has made revolutionary changes to Air Dome structures, Broadwell Air Domes are able to provide Air Dome space design- Research & Development-Production- Engineering Work- After sale One stop services at one place.




So what are the issues? Foremost is that the professional sports culture—owners, teams, management, fans—has realized that multipurpose serve no particular sport well, especially baseball. Not only do baseball fans like to watch their team in rain or shine, but each field is uniquely sized. The dimensions of a baseball field vary stadium by stadium, and that adds to a team’s identity and the game’s drama.


Irregular dimensions are not easily accommodated in the strict configuration of an Air-Supported Dome. Football, because of its regulation size Field, fares better. Moreover, most sports franchises realize that it is next to impossible for an Air-Supported dome to provide the amenities now expected by the public, such as sophisticated digital technology, restaurants and bars, private logos and so on. In the 21st century, attending a sports event is more than simply going to see a team play. It is being indoors and outdoors all at once.

A second issue is the public perception that Air-Supported domes can “collapse” and are thus dangerous. This is simply not true. An Air-Supported dome is less likely to hurt athletes if we compare it to traditional structure, but it can deflate and that has happened —rarely—due to climatic conditions such as heavy snow and ice, but which will leave people enough time to escape if this incident does happened.



The Broadwell standardized Air-Dome gymnasium also has the characteristics of ultra-low energy consumption and constant temperature haze prevention. The All Day Operation at full production is 20kw.H. Strong adaptability of Air Dome makes it easy to build under a variety of environments such as Roofs, Parks, Business Complexes, and Communities, and stably operate on various ground conditions.


Air Dome will usually complete installation within several days, , it is definitely an ideal choice for people to enjoy sports or other types of activities.


Air Domes relies on people to actively manage or monitor inside situation 24/7, and people make mistakes.  When active systems are well managed, and the technology of Air Dome structures is sophisticated, a deflation incident is less likely to happen.



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