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There is a common issue in modern society, spaces that are available for exercises are restricted, instead, there are skyscrapers built all around the center city. State counsil released< The Opinion about Building High Level Universal Public Fitness Service System> which is an incentive policy. However, the thing that has prevented us to build a public structure for exercise is that high costs and will cause huge pollution if we build traditional concrete structures. The good thing is that Broadwell Innovated air dome has developed a competitive advantage in terms of air dome  technology, Broadwell air dome is easy to install and able to cover land with different types of ground conditions.


Broadwell Air Dome is able to be used to cover vacant spaces with air dome technology, which we say the purpose is to revitalized the space to make it useful for public. Sports stadium is the perfect project to revitalize the space area.



This Soccer Air Dome stadium is located above the Sewage Treatment plant, total covered area is 90 acres, which is not only for soccer play, this stadium can be transferred to other types of sports fields, which includes Soccer Field, Skiing Arena, Meeting Rooms, Medical Center, Fans Club for sports, Recreation Green Areas supporting equipment facilities. The constructed area for air dome soccer field is around 2925 square meters, soccer field is restricted for 5 people to play. The temperature and moisture can be adjusted inside of air dome stadiums . Our equipments inside of air dome are able to purify air from outside, all parameters inside of air domes can be remotely controlled through Broadwell's smart systems.


Broadwell air domes are light weighted if built above the floor with special condition, small loading. This structure is able to avoid floor sinking, structure security level is high. The weight of membrane material per square meter is less than 2 kg , membrane material is supported purely by air , no beam and column needed, entire force on structure is upwards due to inflated air, which means that anchoring system is used to fixate membrane material above the ground. No complicated foundation system on the ground, it will generate pressure towards warehouse below, no complicated working process . Installation period is only 10 days.


When Broadwell designed this air dome product, Broadwell has taken climate factors into consideration, we have included  Cable Harness System , which is able to withstand heavy strong typhoon, it is really important for coastal region.


Broadwell started trying to get into the air dome technology on the rooftop, wetland park, coastal regions various rugged landscape, we have actually grounded several successful cases in several regions, which have gained multiple patents technologies related to special ground condition. This structure saves land area within the city and provides technical support for sports fields, which has also made contribution to our sports related career. This structure is also smog proofed,which is perfect for highly industrialized city.


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