Spend the Night Under the Sky

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If we compare the Colorful Brilliant Night life in Metropolis Area with Wild Region, where we are able to enjoy the night view when

we lay on the ground. However, living in the wild is dangerous without a “Cover because you can be easily exposed to the wild and

you will never know whats coming at you(Could be wild life, Could be debris.) When the night is coming, Broadwell Tent Hotel

protects you from extremely cold or hot temperature. Our tent hotel is able to be equipped with Air Conditioning System as an

optional choice.  It is also equipped with high efficient Filtering System which provides enough oxygen in the Tent and this system will

eliminate the harmful substances in the air. It is crucial for current situation in the wilder space because harmful substances have

been continuously released into air which come from daily industrial activities and other daily activities such as cooking and driving,

which is really bad for our health. (Imagine breath dirty air everyday without filtering system, you will  go to hospital more often. )

Broadwell Tent Hotel is like a way out of the Modern Chaos and it plays the role as a ‘Temporary Home with great amenities.



Near the Robu Garden in Lhasa City, where is a site view in Lhasa city, in the valley where loneliness is the best word to describe, this

area is surrounded by mountain groups, river flows under the channel. Elevation Altitude is about 3000 meters high, it is a place that

is the closest to the sky.



The tent material is  environmental friendly, it will not have any negative impacts on the environment, besides, it is able to be reused

for multiple times. 

The inner space of tent hotel is not huge, 48 square meter is just the right size for people to stay, Bedroom, Living room and

Bathroom can all be fit into this tent hotel, which is just perfect for outdoor resting.

Here, enjoying the view of the nature is just an ordinary activity, numbers of tent hotels have become the best place for visitors .

When night is coming, tent hotel 'is the star' in the wild Region, visitors walk out of the tent hotel and look up, they will see clear of

starry sky, an experience that they never had before. 

Tent Hotels use environmental friendly material for Design and Manufacturing, Broadwell has always taken environmental protection

into consideration.(Which is also considered as our priority) It matches the goal of sustainable development. 


Although the size of the tent hotel is not huge, 48 square meter is just perfect for carrying bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms , it

is big enough to get some rest. Broadwell ‘s Aluminum Alloy Skeleton structure which had applied special patent technology to

design and adopted environmental friendly membrane material which is able to block most of the light, it is also able to isolate

Ultraviolet Ray and Infrared Ray, it will provide enough security for outdoor activity and protect you from getting injured.Inside of the

tent hotel , all you can feel is cozy and warm living space.


Workers only need to spend several hours to install that tent hotel at anywhere , usually, a tent hotel will only take 2 hours to

complete installation process. Besides Quick Installation, weight of the frame structure is lighter and it can be settled in anywhere . If

there is no flat surface available,  what you need to do is to place a board on the surface to serve as flat base. The trending of living

has been shifted, the interests of people have been switching from living in city to living in wild. These luxury hotels in the wild are

always like to hide between the mountains. This kind of tent is perfect for wild spaces, forest, deserts, seaside, various shapes of


You are able to free yourself from fatigue and get closer to the starry sky, from cubicle to wilder spaces, you are getting closer to

glorious lifestyle. Broadwell has given a new definition to Tent Hotels, it brings up a new idea of living.



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