The Perspective that We need to Consider During Design & Air Dome Installation Process

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Air Dome Stadium is not like our regular stadium, our Air Dome has incorporated Advanced Technology, High-Tech has gradually become the trending for Stadium Structure. However, in order to provide best Exercise Experiences, we need to take certain things into consideration during the design &installation procedure of Air Domes. Do you know what are they?

You should consider the following factors during design and installation such as :

Choosing the correct membrane material, Air Dome type of stadium needs a stronger membrane material and it must be durable, we have to make sure that Air Dome stadium is able to embrace different weather and environment, such as Wind, Rain, Snow, Ultraviolet Ray etc. At the same time, membrane material need to be transparent and thermal insulated to satisfy sports activities.

Design of the Air Dome structure-The design of Air Dome stadium needs to be practical, aesthetic and environmental friendly. Practical is that the inner spaces should be effectively used to satisfy different sports activities, Aesthetic means that Air Dome stadium needs to be good looking, it should be able to attract peoples attention; Air Dome structure should be applied environmental friendly materials and technology; It reduces waste which will help protect the environment.

Installation Process-It is strictly controlled to build Air Dome stadiums, we should give out detailed design and plan beforehand, installation proposal and security processes should also be completed before installation. We should make sure the quality of installation and adopt advanced technology and equipments . Comprehensive Testing and verifing process should be proceed after installation to make sure the quality and security of air dome structure.

Operation Management-Air Dome stadium operation process need to consider multiple aspects, such as properly arrange sports activities, how do we maintain and manage air dome stadium, we should make sure the stadium is clean and sanitized .

Design and installation process of Air Dome stadium should consider multiple aspects , include the choice of membrane, structure design and installation, operation & management, we will able to provide a comfortable space for people to use only if we take these factors into consideration.


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