The Principle of Air Inflated Structure and More

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Why are people choosing Air Dome over other types of structures ?


This Air Inflated structure is flexible, which is perfect for temporary and long-term use, it can be used as a medium to promote your products (Membrane Material can be used as projection Screen, Logos can be printed on Membrane to become landscape). 


This type of structure can be grounded on different types of surface with its solid anchoring system. This Air Inflated Structure can be used for various purposes, it covers all types of scenarios and industry( Entertainment, Industrial use, Prevent Pollution, Curing Patients, Special Usage etc.)


There are fewer restraints for this structure as well, fewer workers are required to participate in construction processes, saving costs. Even if this type of structure uses Soft Membrane Material, it is  solid as concrete structure, which can withstand heavy strong snow, heavy wind and typhoon. The principle of an Air Dome is based on a slight over pressure in a flexible construction (Hall Skin or Membrane). This is then inflated as a balloon. The Air Dome is anchored in such a way that it is possible to build up a slight over pressure in the hall. This pressure is low (This varies between 150 and 300 Pa) and does not have negative impacts on human body. The pressure is sufficient to withstand the pressure of the window. Blower is running constantly, when sensor detects there is pressure difference, the blower will automatically start inflating the Air Dome to maintain appropriate pressure. The fan & air conditioning system can be controlled or automatically adjusted if sensor detects changes. This system is especially important during snow weather to withstand the higher wind pressure and/or snow load( Avoid Collapsing, No incidents occur ). Smart system is like a security guard to monitor the Air Dome24/7 so you can enjoy a nice ‘shelter’ and great environment to practice all seasons.



Our Air Domes are delivered in both single and double layer, through applying Insulation Layers, the energy consumption of heating system can be significantly reduced. For more information, we invite you to directly contact us. 


This type of (Air Inflated) structure has been widely used for sports arena due to larger inner spaces and flexible membrane material can play an pivotal role during intense competition and free of obstacles ( No Beam and Column will be extremely helpful during exercises), inner space can be  customized to install audience seats during games.


Larger Space usually means business can generate higher rate of return. (FYI: When it comes to business, more people you can hold,more money you are able to get.)


Broadwell brought the concept of 'Air Dome' into Chinese Market, it is not easy to be the pioneer, but broadwell accomplished it. 

Proud History of Broadwell Air Dome: Broadwell built First Permanent Air Dome Structure--ASATI Badminton Air Dome in ZhongShan ; Broadwell has collaborated with Fortune 500 company such as Foxconn, Apple, McDonald etc. We(Broadwell Air Dome)  completed the First Smog-Proof Air Dome Stadium in School; Built the First Granary Air Dome;Grounded First Ice Hockey Dome.



Exploration of entering New Market : We have entered 'Cold-Chain' Market - We(Broadwell) have released Quick Installed Refrigeration Storage and Quick Installed Green House , Broadwell Air Dome Recognized as Little Giant-Industry leader within the field ; We have upgraded Industrial Air Dome to 2.0 Version in 2023, which is exploring more possibilities in Industrial Air Dome near Harbour area, providing a great solution to reduce wastes.


Air upheld structures are delicate rooftop layer structures upheld via air strain inside an encased space. Outside air continuously cycles into the structure to keep up with the marginally higher inward tension. High Altitude provides more spaces inside.


Refrigeration storage facilitates-Speeding up cold chain development Process ( Great for Agricultural products and Medical products. This structure is especially helpful during Pandemic Period to kill bacteria virus and isolate it from source of origin. Besides Medical Field, we are a great contributor for preventing and controlling air pollution, such as coal bunker Air Dome, it sealed hazardous chemicals inside and eliminate hazardous particles by Broadwells Bluesky Air Purification Technology.


Why Air Supported Structure?

This structure produces lower carbon emission. As the energy utilization condition in structures turns out to be more refined and quantifiable, air-upheld structures can tolerate upping to requests for further developed supportability. Such as great impermeability to avoid moisture and hazardous particles to enter dome to ensure the security of Granary Product.


Great Economic Return

Other than the lower material use and recycle factors (see over), the time it takes to create and inflate an air structure limits neighborhood effects and lowers energy costs. With more up-to-date higher protection R-values, textures utilized in the development of air structures today can likewise rival customarily developed rooftops to make for energy-effective structures, energy can be recycled in Broadwell Air Dome with our Solar Panel on top of Air Dome, Our Air Dome can be powered by solar panel, no electricity needed, Broadwell Air Dome can generate electricity with solar panel on top of the air dome.  


Our Air Dome can be deployed anywhere with flat surface, able to locate according to the priority, unlike traditional structure, there is no need to build foundation, anchoring system that will stabilized the structure. Air Dome structure can also be used for Emergency Situation where needs a quick deployment, which can perform various functions(Helpful during Emergency Evacuation).

Bias Cable Harness System (Broadwell patent) provides stability.



Our standard Air Dome Stadium Start from around $30000 Dollars  


The price of Real Estates is continuously to go up. Affordable Housing will be rare in the future as the price of house continuously to go up. A perfect solution to reduce pressure for housing crisis is Air Inflated structure .


Great Visual Effects, Great for stage effect, especially great for stage effect, Immersive Experiences make people feel like staying in the future world.  


It Improves the productivity in Agricultural & Industrial with our smart control system, Lighting, Temperature can be controlled through our monitoring systems. No spontaneous Fire within the dome, no loss in weight. This type of structure is great for commercial activities, save it from spoiling. We have received feedbacks from our clients, they all say it is a Great Rate of Return in Entertainment, Industrial, Agricultural industries. More people it can hold, More economical return it will provide.


The column-free interior of Air Domes offers maximum space utilization. This feature is particularly beneficial for industries that require large, open areas, such as logistics and manufacturing.


Manufacturing: They offer a smart-controlled environment for manufacturing processes, accommodating large machinery and assembly lines.


Equipment Testing: In industries where testing is crucial, air domes provide an isolated and controlled environments to proceed accurate testing.


Quick deployment makes air domes an ideal structure for emergency response and disaster relief operations.


This structure is flexible to be grounded , a protected quarantine space or a store of medical and other supplies in bacteria free space.


What makes our structure unique? Broadwells patented "Blue Sky" purification system, which has a high-grade air filter unit that effectively filters out harmful particles such as pm2.5, providing an outdoor pm2.5 index of 700 indoors but only 20 clean air environment. The sports dome is the world's first indoor stadium with air purification.Our air purification units kill mold and bacteria and filter out over 99% of particles 2.5 micrometers in diameter. The EPA designates these as fineparticles that are believed to pose the greatest health risks. because of their small size (approximately 1/30th the average width of a human hair), fine particles can lodge deeply into the lungs.Air can be fully cleaned and exchanged in the dome between 6-16 times per hour.


During Covid 19 Pandemic, Temporary tent house played an important role in testing covid Cases. This house has completely Isolated Bacteria and provide zero pollution environment.

It provides less interruptions during the game, no beam and column. No blocks on the way.Smart Controlled System allows us to instantly check the dome pressure, temperature, air quality, and wind speed, this system will ensure the security of the Air Domes, which will also allow you to monitor it even if you are far away. Running it safely, security is the top priority of Broadwell air dome.



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