The Role of Air Domes in Extreme Weather Conditions

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Air domes are replacing the need to build new buildings for a few events happening every year in different communities in different parts of the world. Air domes are certainly like camps, but they cover larger areas and they offer more safety. How safe can an air dome be? For how long an Air Dome can deal with extreme weather conditions? Would you be safe in an Air Dome if the weather gets odd?

Facts about air domes to resist extreme weather conditions

You might be thinking that if you compare an Air Dome with a building, then you will be more secure in a building. You must know an Air Dome offers the same kind of safety from the weather conditions just like a building. So here are a few facts about air domes that how they play their role in extreme weather conditions:

 Air domes are made up of multiple layers

How can an Air Dome deal with extreme weather conditions if it is made up of a fabric? It won’t be able to keep you safe for a long time. You are highly mistaken here because an air dome comprises two layers of polyethylene bubbles that are further sandwiched between aluminum layers.

You can imagine the combination of both materials that makes an air dome. So whether a building or an air dome, you have the same amount of safety from the outside weather conditions. You won’t be able to feel what the exact temperature is outside. The air dome keeps the temperature moderate inside.

The sandwich of both these materials strengthens the whole air dome so it can fight against whether the temperature is too hot or too chilly. You won’t get affected by it.

 An air dome can resist a heat wave

You might get a little shocked and amazed at the same time after knowing that an air dome can resist a heat wave of 70 degrees centigrade. Can you imagine yourself dealing with this kind of temperature? Well, heat waves don’t affect an air dome because of the two materials mentioned above.

There are heat domes available that can resist high temperatures, and once you are inside, you won’t feel a thing. The air dorm material makes a strong wall against the heat wave so it won’t enter.

 A warm environment during winters

The shape of the air domes and the igloos are the same. You might know how much the igloos stay warm in the snow. You get the same type of warmth if you are inside an Air Dome. You won’t get affected by the outside chilly winds and blood-freezing temperature.

The thick material of the air dome keeps the insides warm whether you turn on the heater or not. Air domes are designed and made up of quality material that also consists of some extra features that keep the inside warm are the air dome. You can consider such air domes if you plan to go somewhere remote where the temperature will be quite low.

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