The Standard Air Dome of Broadwell Air Dome

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This type of Air Dome stadium will be able to complete Installation in a month with Cozy Environment; Heat Retention ,Wind-Proof and Snow-Proof.



Five Component Systems on  Broadwell Air Dome  which has made our Air Dome Structure Strong.

The Infrastructure System;Membrane Material; Steel Cable Harness System; Access Control System and Electrical System, our membrane adopts PVDF Type of material. 


Warranty period is up to 15 years; our Steel Cable is coated by Zinc,which is able to prevent corrosion process since this part will always be exposed to air.


It is coated with Zinc, also wrapped with PE material. For our electrical system, we adopt universal high quality Air Blowers, it will make sure that there will always be fresh air transferred to the inner side of the Air Dome structure.


It is extremely freezing in winter for Northern Region, outdoor activities are not able to be carried on regularly due to extremely lower temperature. Therefore, Broadwell has released new Standard Air Dome stadiums.  This stadium is exclusively designed for winter seasons in Northern Region. This type of structure can be quickly installed, Which will create a warm and cozy environment for people to exercise. This structure consumes lower energy, security level is high during winter. Air Dome structure satisfies the demand  for sports stadiums during winter especially in Northern Region.



These 3 Types of Air Domes are considered to be the Standard Air Dome Stadium :

Basketball Air Dome Stadiums (Standard Stadium)  
Badminton Air Dome Stadium  (Standard Stadium)
Tennis Air Dome Stadiums     (Standard Stadium)

The Size of the Standard Air Dome Stadium : 36mx18mx9m :648㎡ 



Broadwell provides three different types of Anchoring solution(Expansion Bolts,


Ground Pile Scheme ,Ground Anchoring)


Membrane material that we used for standard Air Dome stadium is the  


single layer of PVDF membrane material which is exclusively used for air inflated structure, the warranty period is up to 15 years.


Broadwell Patent Bias Cable Harness System 



Evenly distributes both internal uplift force and external force to the anchorage system, reducing the force on membrane,which provides optimal structural stability. It can resist

the attack of wind and blizzard, extends the service life of the building;   Withstand 67m/s hurricanes (level16 typhoon) and more than 250kg/sqm of snow;


When Strong wind swipes across the region, the displacement of Broadwell Air Dome is less than 10cm, while the displacement of other types of Air Domes is more than 2m,

that is dangerous. Our Bias Harness Cable Net System is the key technique of Air Dome in the area like South-east Asia and Middle East,  the temperature difference

is huge, without the protection of Bias Harness Cable Net System, the strength of fabric welding seam will be reduced quickly (the strength of welding seam will reduce more

than 70% when the temperature is above 40℃), which makes the welding seam more easily to crack, the service life of Air Dome will be reduced as well.


Strong Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Strengthened , which enables Air Dome to withstand Heavy Snow and Strong Wind.





Standard Broadwell Air Dome will lower energy consumption, This structure has high security level due to reinforcement of Cable Harness Systems.


Electrical System:


Broadwell Air Dome uses 0.75 KW Universal Air Blowers,Outdoor Electricity Generator, Main Control panel with smart system.


Access System:


Broadwell adopts Air Lock channel, Emergency Doors.


Base foundation for Air Dome is easy to set up, Broadwell Air Domes can be built within a month.


Various Anchoring Proposals will secure the Air Dome structure;


Broadwell Air Dome meet different demands

It uses Universal Air Blower ,Lower Consumption,Higher Security Level


PVDF Membrane has great Thermal Insulated Feature& Dust Proof feature, which makes the inner space comfortable and does not need too much care for cleaning membrane material.




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