What You Need to Know About Air Domes: Uses and Advantages

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An air dome is a hollow structure supported by air. It maintains its shape through a continuous air ventilation system along with several layers of protective Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) coatings on its shell membrane.

Air domes are an innovative bubble-like structure technique used in construction. It is also a favorite because an air dome can save building costs, purchasing building materials and labor.

Uses of Air Domes

There are many ways to use air domes. They could be for hosting one-time events, semi-permanent structures or setting up permanent structures. Here are some of these uses.

Sports facilities

An air dome provides a suitable roof for sports centers and facilities. These structures can host sports competitions, basketball courts, golf, hockey, skating rinks, softball, tennis, sports gyms and many more.

It is helpful for recreational activities. Sports domes can host a lot of these sporting facilities conveniently regardless of weather conditions because it is usually a controlled environment.

Air Domes


Air dome systems are great for hosting art exhibitions, cultural exhibitions and lots more. This controlled environment can provide suitable temperatures and conditions for preserving art pieces, clothing fabrics, artifacts and relics. These structures can help boost culture and tourism.

Industrial activities

An air dome system functions well in industrial areas where workers and equipment are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

That’s because it is possible to create a space within an air dome free of pollution. Workers don’t have to breathe in air from polluted and toxic industrial environments full of contaminants. An air dome can provide a filtered environment for health and safety purposes.

Storage facility

Air dome systems are installed to provide flexibility in storage facilities. They are a reliable means of storage facilities in warehouses and logistics companies.

Air domes can store raw materials in a safe and controlled environment to prevent damage from external or internal factors.

What Are the Advantages of an Air Dome System?

Air domes have unique features that attract users. They are diverse and multi-functional. Here are some of their advantages.

They provide a controlled environment

With air domes, you can create an environment safe from insects, pollutants, contaminants, wind, rain, snow and other weather elements.

You can control the atmosphere conditions with its filtration system to suit your needs and allow for variations when necessary.

Air Dome System


These air-supported structures don’t pose any threat to the environment. Regular buildings use up fewer resources and materials to construct.

The material for the supporting membrane is from PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride), a carbon-free material. Using air domes allows for an environment-friendly and energy-efficient construction technique.

They are reusable and affordable

Unlike traditional buildings that require cement, iron rods, etc. Air domes use fewer materials for construction and are cost-effective.

They last for at least a decade with proper maintenance and can always be taken down and set up again. They also take less time to construct.

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