What’s the Cost of Building an Inflatable Dome?

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The dome of fabric inflated by creating air pressure inside it to make a control air bubble or a building is named an inflatable dome. Air pumps are used to pump the air inside the bubble to make it inflate. It acts like a temporary building for events or shelters.

The whole story of the air dome depends upon the air pressure, which keeps the dome stable against the outside air pressure and other forces. Varieties of inflatable domes are designed, and the cost of every design depends on their features.

5 factors on which building an inflatable dome depends

Before knowing the cost of building an inflatable dome, let's look at the factors that decide its building cost.

Fabric quality

The first major factor that affects the cost of an inflatable dome's building is the quality of the products used in building the dome. Fabric is the main element to start building an air dome, so its quality decides the quality of the overall dome.

The fabric should be;

  • Inflammable
  • A good transmitter of light to make the internal environment maintained
  • Capable of bearing the high air pressure
  • Stronger from the inside because there would be high air pressure inside than outside

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Air-blowing pump (blower)

For a good quality inflatable dome, a strong blower is needed that will not only blow air into the fabric but also maintain the temperature of that air. The optimum temperature of the high air pressure will inflate the dome.

A compact blower needs massive energy to create high air pressure inside the dome. A blower only is not enough to maintain the internal air pressure. A container is also required to store that pressure.

Anchoring support of an inflatable dome

Another factor that mainly affects the building of an inflatable dome is the material used to anchor the dome into the earth.

The anchoring support should be concrete. It is because it anchors the dome firmly into the earth and allows it to inflate against the external air pressure and resistive forces.

Anchoring will support the dome to be assembled efficiently to give it the shape of a proper building.

Lightening and control system

The air dome is fully covered from each side by the fabric, so it needs a proper wide lighting system with a control system. Lightening will make it a perfect space for events. A control system controls all the electrical elements inside the dome.

The flooring of the dome

Like fabric that entirely covers the dome's space, flooring will majorly affect the cost of the dome's building. The floor is an essential element that will perfectly give the dome the shape of a building.

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The estimated cost of building an inflatable dome

Depending upon all the building factors and execution processes, the estimated cost of an inflatable dome could be $2,200,000-$4,200,000.

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The cost of building an inflatable dome depends on fabric quality, the coverage area, and, most importantly, the construction design. You can reach us with your questions and our experts will answer you in a detailed way.


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