Why are we talking about Air Dome Granary Warehouse ?

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Food is essential goods for Human Being, we rely on it to survive, I can say that this structure is highly correlated with the health of our body, therefore the importance of Granary storage will tell its own story. If we consider it in a big picture, it is highly correlated with economy development.(There are people involved in economy development. )



There are three types of methods to extend Raw Food Material Storage period (First, Membrane Material will isolated heat, keeping a stable internal environment; Second, Air Conditioning system cooling Method ; Third,using Broadwell Bluesky Air Sterilizing system). The Principle of cooler is similar to Broadwells Negative Pressure Hospital Lab.


Temperature control is to adjust the temperature to a certain level to stop the growth of the bacteria; Bacteria Killing involves chemical or physical methods.


The Weakness of current Granary Storage Room is that Insects or other types of pollutants can easily enter Granary House, especially like damage from mouse and other types of pests wasted 40 Billion Pounds Granary Products per year according to National Bureau Data.



The downside of the current Granary Storage House overview :


  1. Higher Costs
  2. Difficult to Build
  3. More Labors are required to be involved
  4. Hard to Fix if damage to the structure body


Sinograin (The largest reserve Grain Management Company in the world's largest grain produced country),which has adopted this Air Dome storage technology.This type of Air Dome Granary house will be the trending as the result of Officially- Recognized Granary Storage warehouse.


As the pioneer of Air Dome Structure products, Broadwell takes the responsibility to contribute to Granary Storage, this structure concerns about the security of Granary Storage Facilities and Broadwell wants to resolve Security Issue for Granary. For ensuring the security of food products, Broadwell has developed an Air Dome Granary warehouse. this product can be considered a lifesaver for farmer.


Broadwell has came up with a mouse & Insect proof material to save economical loss during food storage. in other words , this type of structure saves farmers money and able to generate huge profits for farmers( Security of Granary Products is guaranteed.)


Broadwell Granary Storage bag is equipped with Moisture & Mildrew sensors, it is able to detect any changes within internal environment of the storage place and farmers are able to monitor the environment through their smart phone and make appropriate action.


The Benefits of Air Dome Granary


The Granary dome membrane material is also waterproof,  the insulation board is attached to the wall for heat retention inside of Granary Storage Dome, which improves the air tightness of heat preservation.


Broadwell Granary storage dome is also able to lower temperature and moisture once sensor detects unusual activity, this system will greatly save granary products from spoiling.


This Granary Dome structure is equipped with Thermal Insulated layer; Air Tightness level is higher which Air Tightness Reinforcement process is not necessary for this Granary Dome structure , membrane material has been integrated into one part during welding process, it is the best type of storage place for Granary. It does not need to equipped with air-conditioning system because there is a Thermal Insulated Layer stick to the inner side of air dome Granary storage room.




The Air Tightness of the Air Dome Granary house and internal smart control will suppress the growth of bacteria & other types of microorganism , which is an alternate method to kill bacteria, it is a great way to reduce the chemical effects, which will be extending Grain & other types of food storage period.


Air Dome Structure  coated with PVDF material, Air will be easily penetrated through Concrete Structure which may cause high moisture degree, mildew process may happened afterwards, it is not a good choice for storing granary product.


According to state statistical bureau, Annual Granary Storage is closed to 500 Billion Tons for farmers in the rural side, It is close to 60% of the national production.


From company standpoint , the benefits of Air Dome Granary is higher security level, lower Granary Storage Costs. Broadwell Air Dome Granary can be Customized according to users demand; It is easy to be transported & overlapped, the material of the granary storage is Mouse-proof, Bug- proof , Mildrew-Proof , Storage / transportation / cooling, Longer Storage Time.



Upgrade of Air Dome Granary Warehouse of Broadwell


Broadwell Patented Cable Harness System will reinforce the structure strength, which stablized the structure and reduce external effects on Air Dome Structure.


The membrane of Granary warehouse has gone through several severe tests for heat isolation, the top of air dome structure will guarantee the security of Granary Warehouse , to avoid waste, this structure consumes less energy , it is inspired by egg shape, it has overhead Construction Design, which is able to resist heavy wind and other types of severe weather.


This dome granary structure will be able to reduce energy consumption, avoiding wastes. The Top of the dome structure is inspired by the scientific principle of an egg shell, Dome shaped top will reduce pressure force and save the structure when there is a severe weather impact.



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