Beijing ISB Sports Stadium

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Broadwell Sports Air Domes Introduction

Create a safe and comfortable air-filled gymnasium Build a new landmark of the city。

Broadwell Sports Air Domes


Broadwell Sports Air Domes advantage

Suitable for various scenarios, efficient use of space
Provide tailor-made solutions for the different needs of each customer


Broadwell Sports Air Domes cases

Beijing ISB Sports Stadium

Beijing Shunyi International School (ISB) is a long-established international school founded in the 1970s. It is a full-time, wholly foreign-owned institution that provides educa-tion for the children of foreigners working and living in Beijing. The ISB Dome Stadium is the rst sports venue in China that can lter pm2.5 and meet the healthy indoor environment of AQI (the highest standard of Ambient Air Quality Index). The sports dome is equipped with Broadwell‘s patented "Blue Sky" purication system, which has a high-grade air lter unit that eectively lters out harmful particles such as pm2.5, providing an outdoor pm2.5 index of 700 indoors but only 20 clean air environment.

BeiJing, China 2012
L75.6m x W56.5m x H18  4271㎡    L75.6m x W56.5m x H18  4271㎡

Case image:

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium


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