Foxconn Moveable Clean Plants

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Broadwell Workshop Air Dome Introduction

Create a safe and comfortable air-filled gymnasium Build a new landmark of the city。

Broadwell Sports Air Domes


Broadwell Workshop Air Dome advantage

Suitable for various scenarios, efficient use of space
Provide tailor-made solutions for the different needs of each customer


Broadwell Workshop Air Dome cases

Foxconn Moveable Clean Plants

It uses transparent membrane on top to utilize natural lights during the daytime, which can save more than 60% of the energy consumption for the Foxconn plant. The indoor environment keeps well dry all the time to eliminate humidity. The plant could relocate at any time with little cost lost. The dome’s life can reach 30 years with well maintenance. The production of precision accessories provided by Foxconn for Apple mobile phones is completed here.

ChengDu, China 2011
L61m×W42m×H17m 2562㎡ L61m×W42m×H17m 2562㎡

Case image:

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium



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