Haier Logistics Storage System

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Broadwell Sports Air Domes Introduction

Create a safe and comfortable air-filled gymnasium Build a new landmark of the city。

Broadwell Sports Air Domes


Broadwell Sports Air Domes advantage

Suitable for various scenarios, efficient use of space
Provide tailor-made solutions for the different needs of each customer


Broadwell Sports Air Domes cases

Haier Logistics Storage System

Haier, one of Chinese largest home appliance enterprise, built his first air supported structure Logistics storage system in Zibo City, Shandong Province. The Logistics storage air dome size is about 9000sqm, span arrive 180m, Broadwell only spend 60 days to finish this modern intelligent logistics storage. High strength tear resistance PVDF membrane material is applied, fire resists B1 level, with translucent area which can allow nature light in daytime. And by using Broadwell patented bias hardness cable net technique, the storage can withstand extreme bad weather including the level 16 typhoon and 250kg/ m2 snow load. Compared with the steel structure storage, air supported structure save 50%-66% construction cost. In addition, inside the dome there is no beam and column inside to waste the internal space. Another advantage is the fast install function, which allow Broadwell from sign contract to hand over the project in 2 months, and the storage can easily move and all the dome components can be repeated use in another location.

China 2021

Case image:

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium



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