Xinjiang Shenmuyuan Water Park

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Broadwell Heated water park Introduction

Create a safe and comfortable air-filled gymnasium Build a new landmark of the city。

Broadwell Sports Air Domes


Broadwell Heated water park advantage

Suitable for various scenarios, efficient use of space
Provide tailor-made solutions for the different needs of each customer


Broadwell Heated water park cases

Xinjiang Shenmuyuan Water Park

The Xinjiang Shenmu water park is the largest indoor water park dome in the world. It is located in Urumqi, which is the furthest city from the oceans in the world. In this city, the seasonal temperature di-erence can reach nearly 50℃ (-18℃—30℃), and the regional yearly average wind speed can reach by 6.2m per second. There are about 50 snowy days in each year. As a result, the snow depth is more than 40 cm in winter. Conse-quently, the safety requirement of air dome technology is very high for the construction of long-span buildings in this area. However, the excellent performance of Broadwell Air Dome technology in wind resistance and snow resistance has been proved after its more than two years’ operation.

XinJiang, China 2016
R110m, H35m, 9500 ㎡

Case image:

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium

                Henan Dengfeng JUNMEI Sports Stadium


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