Air Dome Stadium Project that Is Built by Broadwell has been settled in UAE

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ENS MBZ BOYS School-Air Dome Stadium Project which proudly built by Broadwell has been grounded in the Capital of UAE Abu Dhabi.

The size of this Air Dome Stadium is about 5451 square meters, which is an Indoor Stadium that covers Basketball Court, Padel Court, Volleyball Court and Soccer Field. This project is invested by ENS MBZ BOYS School, which was designed and built by Broadwell.

This project is the First Air Dome Stadium Project that UAE has collaborated with Broadwell, which has become an example to facilitate and spread the concept of Air Dome Structure that protects the environment, it is also an actual example of International Collaboration Practice which has brought Air Dome structure technology overseas.

ENS MBZ BOYS School Air Dome Comprehensive Stadium

ENS MBZ BOYS School is an Aristocratic school which children from Royal Family are studying here, it has long history which is the world 's largest school authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization 's Primary School Program.

UAE is located in Tropical Desert Area, this stadium relies on Air Conditioning system for all seasons, it is a comfortable and a stadium which saves energy. Broadwell stadium applied Dual layer Heat-Insulated cotton material and our project has also applied our unique Cold-Bridge Free Welding technology, which has improved Air Tightness feature of air dome. It will reduce energy dissipation. As a result, this technology will help Broadwell Air Dome to lower operation costs.

At the same time, this structure is equipped with high efficiency Air Filtering system, this system will help eliminate all the particles in the air before air enters, the inner temperature and moisture are also able to be controlled through our Smart Control & Monitoring system, therefore this structure is able to keep the temperature and moisture level stable all year long, which will be beneficial for student athletes especially during games, a perfect environment will reduce negative impacts toward athletes(such as inhaling pollutant etc), which will give athletes a higher chance of winning the game.

This project adopts Broadwell’s Fifth Generation of Anchoring Technology, which equipped with Broadwell patent “Inclined Cross Steel Net System”. It applies high quality Flame-Resisted Material- Strong Composite Environmental Protected PVDF Membrane Material, which has great Dust-Proof Feature, Rain water is able to rinse dusts on membrane material , you do not need spend extra money for cleaning. All the Fifth Generation Air Domes are equipped with smart control remote control system, you are able to manage the air dome through your computer and mobile phone to check the inner status , it is that easy.

The entire world is fighting against climate change, promoting Green Low Carbon Development. Broadwell will actively promote Global Collaboration in “Air Dome Industry' to contribute to the progress of fighting against climate change.


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