Shenzhen Has Introduced Air Dome Low-Carbon Emission Technology to build the Single Biggest Air Dome Exhibition Center

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Centered Low Carbon Emission Launch Zone Air Dome Exhibition Center - Built and Located in LongGang District (International Low-Carbon Emission City Air Dome Exhibition Center ) by Broadwell.The purpose is to build a Green &Low Carbon Emission Exhibition structure, raising the awareness of Environment Protection. This structure becomes the largest Air Dome Exhibition Center around the world.

This Air Dome structure will produce Low Carbon Emission, which can be relocated & reused for multiple times. It is designed in module format and also equipped with smart control system, which are both cozy and practical inside of the air dome. This type of structure is considered as ideal Green Low Carbon Emission Structure. Air Dome Exhibition Center has been grounded in Shenzhen International Low Carbon Emission city, which has provided different types of Low Carbon Emission structures to the cities, it also satisfied the demand of Low Carbon Emission Green Structure. This structure becomes the symbol of Green Development of low-carbon emission city.

This project includes two Air Dome Stadiums, which are a Meeting Hall and Exhibition Hall, it comes with supporting facilities, it is recognized as the single biggest air dome Exhibition Center in the Country, which is mainly used for Big Exhibition Events , display activities;

These two stadiums produce low-carbon emission, the installation procedure follows the goal of Sustainable Development , the design of the stadium will lower the operation costs, it is able to adopt sunlight during the day, therefore it saves electricity bills for owners.

For security, Broadwell has applied Bias Harness Cable Net system which makes Air Dome structure stronger.  



The Exhibition Air Dome satisfies the demand of large group of people entering and exiting at the same time, there are total of 16 Revolving Doors, 44 Emergency Doors and 2 Interlocked Doors. Project Duration is about 2 month, installation period for air dome is 7 days. This stadium will be used to host shenzhen international Low-Carbon Emission city Low carbon Emission Season Exhibition and forum activities.


Construction Buildings are considered as the supporter in the city, which is main area for energy consumption and carbon emission. Air Dome structures only adopt Environmental Friendly Membrane Material and Air Inflated , it can be easily assembled and repeatedly used. This type of structure will save energy from the very beginning, such as saving water and materials, protecting the environment and reducing pollution, and providing healthy & friendly environment which maximized the efficiency, it has raised the awareness that human and nature can be friendly co-existed.


Meanwhile, our air dome uses a set of smart control system, which will accurately adjust the indoor temperature, moisture, energy consumption data can be visualized, this system transfer us from passive energy saving to initiative energy saving process, it has revealed the benefits of saving energy and low carbon emission. Later, solar power will be introduced to power supply system of air dome, electricity power is able to be recycled and benefits the entire low carbon emission zone in shenzhen, providing clean energy. Air Dome Exhibition center will become Green Environment Icon, to facilitate Green Low Carbon Emission Enterprise development, hoping to introduce more low carbon emission technology into the city.


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