Broadwell Air Dome Laser Show in Miami, Bringing you into the World of Little Prince

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Little Prince Air Dome Laser show was built and designed by Broadwell. It is now showing in Miami Jungle Island where fantasy world and Technology are collaborating. Recently, an Immersive Virtual Reality experience activity---The Little Prince World Immersive experience show is playing inside, well known Fairy Tale is shown to the book club fans around the world through Virtual Reality technology.  


The Little Prince tells us a story which a pilot emergency landed a plane in Sahara Desert and he later became friend with a prince from another planet. This Air Dome brings us into wonderland world,we are taking adventure in different visual space areas inside of this magnificent structure.


This project displays Realistic Visual Effect, All dimension project screen provides realistic feelings to visitors, it brings back the childhood memories,visitors can actually feel the spiritual world of little prince.


All Pink Air Dome Museum renders the romantic atmosphere of fairy tales to the extreme level. The diameter of this Air Dome Stadium is approximately 42 meters wide, total area is approximately 1385 square meters. It is a hemispherethe membrane material of the Air Dome adopted single layer PVDF Material, which can be directly used as projection screen, to create an lighting effects and special atmosphere. During the night, Pink Air Dome stadium will light up the Miami Beach with Dazzling light.


Laser show Air Dome stadium can effectively prevent Ultraviolet Ray, it works under various climates, therefore we do not need to worry about the corrosion issue under different types of climates, even if the air dome is installed near the coastal area in miami.  



Air Dome Laser Show creates the top audition and visual entertainment experience through low energy consumption costs, smaller volume, lower noisy sound and lower heat dissipation. Air Dome structure is light, shorter construction period. There are permanent air dome structures and temporary air dome structures for customers to choose, temporary air dome stadium can be quickly disassembled and installed, low construction costs and operation costs are also considered as one of the benefits of air dome structure.


Membrane material of Air Dome is a natural Projection Screen, it is dust proof, anti-ultraviolet and fire-proof. No beam and column inside, there are huge spaces left inside of the air dome structure, which also adopted laser projection technology. It can be played as all dimension projection screen, there are 70% visual coverage, unique physical form is important to provide immersive feeling.

Air Dome Laser show is a qualified as carrier to achieve virtual reality and laser show performance, AR Technology is getting sophisticated, Air Dome and AR Technology combined are able to create realistic virtual reality experiences, besides, it can be turned into music festival Live stage house, Cinema etc. Currently, this structure plays an important role especially in culture and entertainment fields .




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