Largest Air Dome Exhibition Project In the World

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On Nov 7th,Shenzhen LongGang International Low-Carbon-Emission Air Dome Exhibition hall completed in the Core Center of Low Carbon Emission city within the area designed and built by Broadwell. This is the first time for Air Dome Technology to be introduced to Shenzhen international Low-Carbon Emission city, the purpose is to create Great Green Low-Carbon Emission structure within the city.

Air Dome type of structure is environmental friendly, which can be repeatedly used, modular design, controlled and monitored by smart system, which is also providing cozy environment and practical to actual scenario, which is considered as ideal Green Low Carbon Emission Construction. The unique shape of Air Dome structure has provided various types of structure to the city, it raises the awareness of Green Development Concept .

This project includes Two Air Dome Exhibition Halls. The diameter of this Air Dome exhibition hall is 143 meters , the height is close to 38 meters (The height of wall is 3 meters) , total area is 16,015.9 square meters, it is considered as Biggest Single Air Dome exhibition hall within the country, which is mainly used for large-scale exhibition events,various show exhibition.

The diameter of banquet hall is close to 30 meters , the height is 11meters (Wall is 3 meters high), total area is 706.8 square meters, which is perfect for middle and small size banquet . forum events.

Design of these two Air Dome exhibition hall has taken low-carbon emission, environmental protection ,sustainable development into consideration, the membrane material uses 3 layers, which purpose is to improve the warming capability, lowering the consumption of air conditioner . The membrane on top is transparent which allows light to penetrate through the roof during the day time, this type of design will save energy consumption. Each Air Dome has equipped with Broadwell Harness cable net system, which is able to resist heavy strong typhoon and over 250 kg snow load per square meter. It extends the life span of the membrane material. Broadwell remote smart control system allows the stadium to be unattended and managed by smart system.

Construction is usually considered as key carrier of the city, which is also regarded as main area of energy consumption and carbon emission, Air Dome type of structure built by environmental friendly membrane materials and air, which is using assembling method to install. It can also be disassembled and re-installed multiple times in different locations. It saves energy and protects the environment, which is a structure that is completely 'Green'.

With a smart control system, Air Domes structure are able to control the indoor temperature and moisture remotely, all data can be visualized through the smart control system, it transfers from passive energy saving to initiative energy saving. Later, Air Dome Exhibition is able to powered by solar energy based on the arch shape of the structure, this system is able to power Air Dome exhibition hall and the entire low-carbon emission city in shenzhen.

Broadwell Air Dome exhibition hall has become an icon in Shenzhen Low Carbon Emission city, assisting Green Low Carbon Emission industry to gather together, to gather more low-carbon related techonology methods and Brilliant Minds. It is the first Air Dome Exhibition Hall within Southern china Region.


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