Airdome Development in Construction Industry and the applied field for Airdome

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Global Airdome Industry Analysis


The development Path of International Airdome


In the Early 1917, British Willian Lanchester introduced the concept of Air Supported Camps, which is used for Outdoor Hospital . He applied for a patent. However, due to poor technical condition and production capacity at that time, he failed to make it come true in real life.

Until 1946, Walter Bird built an air support structure dome , the material is Nylon Fabric, which was used to protect the military radar for USA. US built the first Air dome Tennis Stadium in New York 1963 .


Airdome Structure is totally different if we compare it with traditional constructed Buildings, it integrated  Aeromechanics, Architecture, Aesthetics, Material Science, Environmental Protection, Energy Saving and Smart Control Technology, which is a groundbreaking breakthrough for Architecture and Technology, especially in Material Science. The applied field for Airdome will  expand. Nowadays, Airdome structure buildings are adopted across multiple field in the whole World, the trending has come.


If we compare airdome with traditional construction, Airdome structures provides large area , Best Environmental Space, Easy to Install, it also saves energy. There are around 20000 airdomes used for Tennis, Badminton, Swimming Pool, Golf Exercising, inside soccer field, ice hockey stadium and multi function sports stadium. Airdomes are also applied for Industrial usage, Mining Industry, Military and Warehousing Area.


Airdomes are originated from Western, the well-known Airdome brands are Yeadon, Farley, Asati, the market share has reached 80%. Now, the western market has reached mature stage in Airdome Industry.


The development of Airdome Structure in China


Airdome Membrane Material was first introduced to china in 1995 . In the year of 2006, our country has introduced modernized Airdome Structure Buildings, at the same year, Badminton Airdome structure and Tennis Airdome have been grounded in the area, which is the indication for Airdome industry to be fully settled in china. Airdome market has been all focused in China, they have all been involved in Sports Industry. As several Airdome Stadiums have been grounded in China, these types of constructions have aroused the public attention, which has become the trending in construction field. In 2013 , the airdome market has reached 80000 square meters, it has successfully entered Gym, Environmental protection,Industrial Warehouse, Storage Logistics, Entertainment and exhibition market.


In our country, Airdomes industry are the new emerging industry, there are nodepartments in charge, no collected data. Currently, there are Broadwellairdome, Yeadon Airdome, Farley Airdome etc airdome companies in China.These Airdome Manufactures are taking 90% of the total market share. Airdome industry has low in competition extend.  


Recent years, Airdome Buildings are quickly developed across the field of construction, applied field has been getting larger, such as Sports, Storage Warehouse, Environmental Protection, Military, Preservation of Antiques, Industrial Warehouses etc. Specific projects such as Anti-haze airdomes, Coal Airdome warehouse, Airdome Warehouse, Logistic Warehouse. According to Airdome Applied areas , airdome related industry demand is over 10Billion dollars, it has bright future.


Airdome Applications in China:


  1. Sports Industry( Various Stadium Construction)
  2. Industrial Industry
  3. Environmental Protection Industry


The Unique Advantage of Airdome Construction


  1. Zero Pollution
  2. Zero Energy Consumption
  3. No Risks: Airdome Structure do not need steel or other types of support, which guarantee the security of workers.
  4. Zero Resources





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