The First Project of Saudi Arabia has been grounded in beautiful Mountain City

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Taif is a mountain city in the Western of Saudi Arabia which altitude is about 1700 meters high. Just like any other mountain cities, Taif is surrounded by peaceful and pure atmosphere, where there are a lot of fun things to do and vitality spirit surrounded, which brings a Brand New Feelings to the people who visit there.  Taif is a mountain city, which is also a historical city. There are various historical attractions surrounded around Taif, you are able to feel the long history through visiting these sites. At the same time, New Commercial Squares, Hotels, Gardens new and innovative construction spaces are quickly built one after another , new type of construction is spreading across the region. 


Last Weekend, there were a new type of construction settled in Taif,- Taif  Airdome Gym Stadium, which is proudly built by Broadwellairdome.  It is the first Airdome stadium in the city, which located in the new Commercial Center in the city, which is also surrounded by entertaining equipments. It is integrated Airdome Stadium which is able to hosts Sports, Activity, Commercial Exhibition related events.


The total land covering area of Airdome Stadium is about 1000 square meters, which height is about 15 meters, wall height below the airdome is about 4.5 meters, internal spaces are astonishingly huge, which satisfy the requirement to host various kinds of ball sports.


Recently, Middle East Projects of Broadwell have been grounded one after another, actually, the geographic and climate environment in Middle East is perfect for building Airdome stadiums.


Airdome has relatively low requirement for floor conditions, it can be built even in Mountain, Coastal, desert areas. Now it is the 5 generation of Broadwells Airdome Stadium, we have upgraded the systems, the installation process is easier, working period is shorter. Besides, mobile distributed air conditioning plus good thermal insulated property after upgrading is going to lower the energy consumption of Air Conditioner. In such hot area of Middle East, using Airdome Stadium is enabling people to get a cooler environment with such low cost, it sounds like a great deal.   


After Qatar World Cup in 2022, there seemed to be a  Soccer Trending in Middle East Region. In 2023, Asia Cup is going to start in Qatar, Saudi Arabia is going to host Asia Soccer Game in 2027 , we expect this glorious Airdome Stadium will provide smooth and fantastic experiences for Ta'if citizens, we also expect that our Airdome Stadium will help the sports industry in Saudi Arabia  to be improved in the future.


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