An Airdome Tennis Stadium has been Settled in Salt Lake City in USA!

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Extreme heat is hard for us to play outside, "where should I go?"It is the most common question asked during the hot season! In wasatch Community Salt Lake City in Utah . Indoor stadium Wasatch Hill Tennis Dome has brought a perfect solution proposal to all residents, it only takes one day to turn into a cooling sports stadium.  Now High Temperature has been heating up the Northern Hemisphere. Luckily , the residents are able to enjoy the relaxing moment in Broadwellairdome Tennis Court.  


Residents have not expected that the airdome would have caused so much attention, All Residents were happy to help out, they have teamed up and gathered a temporary installation team spontaneously. Everyone was assigned to different task, thanks to their efforts, airdome was able to be quickly built and settled. They were amazed by this magnificent "Construction" which only supported by Air . 


Airdome provides constant Internal Pressure, Constant Temperature , Moisture, Wind Load and Lights which can be adjusted through Smart Airdome System of Broadwell. Athletes are able to perform at their best level when they are playing in Broadwellairdome , they say that they are able to breath finally.


The influence of Chinese Airdome in Oversea’s Market


Broadwell has entered overseas market since 2010, through 12 years running and establishing which has created clear Brand Image, it starts from the First Broadwell Overseas project in Russia. Now, Broadwellairdome has been settled  in Russia, Malaysia, Turkey, USA, Korea, Qatar , Canada, Israel, Greek etc. Our Airdomes cover Stadium, Entertainment, Laser Show, Logistics Warehouse industries  and we also involved in  hard Airdome Nucleic Acid examination(nat) lab. Now, Broadwell has released the Fifth Generation Airdomes with a much advanced design concept, and promoted innovative technology Clearstrong ®BDW-GZG membrane material, EASY series , which supported by massive oversea’s audiences!


The overseas project continues to develop, Broadwellairdome starts Strategy Collaboration with Canada’s Tennis Association , cause we want to make sure to bring the best sports experiences to all of our clients. 


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