What are the Potentials for Future Airdome Industry?

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Airdome industry has freed  the restrictions of traditional construction industry, it is especially good for environmental protection, which is the issue that has aroused massive attention. A good solution for construction industry.


Membrane which Airdome uses is green materials, it is good for the environment and safe if we compare Airdomes with traditional structures. The material is Dust-Proof, therefore it is considered as "Convenient Structure". Energy saving is also the topic that each country focuses on nowadays. In 2019, Shanghai announced that it would use airdome structure because it is good for environment protection and  secure & recyclable, which seems to be a great deal for "Sustainable Development". 


The Membrane Material that Airdome Adopts has Huge Potential

The base layer of the membrane material is the Polyester Fiiber, which is arranged in the warp and weft directions, which greatly enhances the strength of the membrane material ; At the same time, the coating uses PVC as the surface coating, which can make the film have better mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and other advantages. The surface layer is coated with PVDF on the surface of PVC coating for protection, which can make the membrane material have excellent UV resistance, It is Anti-Aging, It can be self-cleaned. 

Special Membrane Material is used to make Outer Shell plus a intellectual machinery equipment which provides positive pressure of Air, it has supported the entire structure to “Standing Still, thats how a airdome strucuture is built, it is both convenient and durable.

Airdome Application should be Broader and Diversified

If we follow Stadium Construction, Open-wing Airdomes have been applied into Industrial Field, such as Coal Airdome and Warehouse, Airdome Cement factory, Sewage-Treatment Plant etc.

Comparing with Traditional Steel Coal Plantation, the benefits of Airdome structure are really obvious, which are : Low Costs, Shorter Construction Period, easy to disassemble, it can be repeatedly use, good for environment and saves energy , preventing smog. It can be customized according to customers' demands. Besides, it is easily approved by  government; It is widely accepted by more and more investors and operators. In the future, Airdome construction will be widely applied in Industrial Fields.  Continuous innovation is the future of the airdome.


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