Water Park Dome

Water Park Dome


Indoor Waterpark is like a big swimming pool, almost with the same
Technical Requirements with swimming pool dome, and it requires huge
inner space to install the Big Waterpark Facility inside it, since Air Dome
can provide a clear space with Big Span, which makes it the perfect
solution for Waterpark.
water park dome

logoLayout Rendering

water park

01 Entrance/Club House
02 Lazy River
03 Interaction Area
04 Surfing Area
05 – 07 Slide Zone

Economic Index:
Total Area of Water Park: 10,800sqm
Club House Area: 1,400sqm
Lazy River Area: 220sqm
Spa Area: 170sqm
Bubble Pool Area: 58sqm
Interaction Area: 840sqm
Surfing Area: 1,400sqm
F&B Area: 780sqm

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Project Instruction:
The Xinjiang Shenmu Water Park is the Largest Indoor Water Park dome in the world. It is located in Urumqi, which is the furthest city from the oceans in the world. In this city, the seasonal temperature difference can reach nearly 50℃ (-18℃—30℃), and the regional yearly average wind speed can reach by 6.2m per second.
There are about 50 snowy days in each year. As a result, the snow depth is more than 40 cm in winter. Consequently, the safety requirement of Air Dome technology is very high for the construction of long-span buildings in this area.
However, the excellent performance of Broadwell Air Dome technology in Wind Resistance and Snow Resistance has been proved after more than two years’operation.

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