Sports Domes

Sports Domes

sprotsBroadwell Sports Air Domes Introduction

Broadwell Sports Air Domes is a perfect sports venue, with it, you don’t need to worry about the impact of the outside weather on your sports activities, and Broadwell Sports Air Domes can provide you with enough exercise space, which is the best choice for your indoor sports choose!
sprots air dome

sprotsWhy Choose Us

Easy Relocation and Delivery

Easily dismantled, relocated and multi-time reuse

Convenient Construction

Site installation need only 10 days at the least

sports air domes advantage

Totally Enclosed Structure

Safety and environment protection

With very low operation and maintainence cost

Save more than 60% of energy than traditional structures

Perfect for extremely worse weather condition

Confidence comes from a Strong R&D System and 300+ Actual Combat Data Support
Safe and Comfortable, Low Operating Cost, a better choice for small and medium stadiums
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Ordinary Sports Air Domes

Broadwell Sports Air Domes

  • Broadwell Sports Air Domes

    Wind and Snow Resistance: Withstand heavy storm , over 250kg/m2 snow, high safety level

  • Safety Technology: The Third Generation Inclined Wire Cable Technology

  • Energy Saving & Environmental Protection: Smart energy saving 75.9%

  • Comfortable and Clean: Constant temperature and humidity in four seasons (26°C), comfort level reaches 99%

  • Construction Speed: 60 days

  • Maintenance Cost: Basically 0

Ordinary Sports Air Domes

  • Ordinary Sports Air Domes

    Wind and Snow Resistance: It is easy to collapse in case of heavy strong winds, which is not safe

  • Safety Technology: Vertical and horizontal steel cable technology

  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: 20-30% energy saving

  • Comfortable and Clean: The effect of constant temperature and humidity is uneven, and the comfort level is less than 30%

  • Construction Speed: More than 90 days

  • Maintenance Cost: High Maintenance Cost


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Broadwell Air Domes The Dragon Lake Sports For All Center Broadwell Air Domes Membrane Taiyuan Teachers College Gymnasium Broadwell Air Domes Membrane North Carolina Tennis Stadium


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