Why Air Dome Will Become the Mainstream of Future Community Sports Venues?

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First of all, due to the characteristics of sports, the sports activity must have a large space with a long span and high height, which will bring huge cost of building materials for the traditional reinforced concrete and steel structure buildings. The large span and large space of the gymnasium for commercial use is not economic, especially the energy consumption of cooling and heating and ventilation is very environmentally unfriendly. Investing in the construction and operation of traditionally structured stadiums for general mass sports in cities and communities has become an unattractive business project with high investment in the early stage and low income in the later stage to achieve diversified income growth. Therefore, in most countries and communities, the investment of sports construction to meet the needs of mass sports depends on the government's public financial input. In both rich developed countries and socialist China, the efficiency of government and public finance investment can never match that of commercial projects led by the market and commercial entities. There are a large amount of sports needs in the community that can not be met, and the mass sports market quantified by the scale of 10 billion has not been developed because of the site problem. Therefore, air dome stadiums, which can solve the problems of high upfront investment, high operating energy consumption and multiple operations of stadiums, will become an important factor to activate this multi-billion dollar market.

As a community stadium, the air dome building has the following advantages:

Low cost & fast construction

The use of air dome as a stadium not only has obvious economic advantages in the building material but also saves a lot of costs in terms of time and manpower. More than 90% of the parts and materials of the air dome components are processed in the factory, and it usually takes 1 month from design to completion. And after the components arrive at the project, it takes only 1-3 weeks of work to finish the installation on site. Therefore, inclusion, air dome construction has great advantages over traditional construction in all cost factors including materials, manpower and time.

Environmental protection and energy saving

Due to the airtight design and the design principle of fan air pressure support, the air film museum has more energy saving and efficient advantages than the traditional building gymnasium in terms of cooling, heating and heat preservation. In particular, BROADWELL's R-Plus patent and unique double-layer membrane welding technology provide better energy consumption than other membrane building suppliers. Thus No matter winter or summer, the BROADWELL air dome can provide comfortable temperatures under low energy consumption conditions for sports enthusiasts.

Flexible, moveable and diversified use

Air dome construction can be quickly installed and removed. The membrane can be folded for storage and transport. Therefore, the air dome stadium has great flexibility, which can provide comfortable indoor temperature for sports enthusiasts in winter or summer, and resist the summer typhoons and winter heavy snow. At the same time, the BROADWELL air dome with a special foundation, that is the screw piles foundation, allows we can build the air dome without damaging the ground. Therefore, the when BROADWELL air dome need be removed in spring and autumn, it will restore the open sports field at once. In addition, due to the convenient storage and transportation characteristics of the air dome, it can also be moved to different places as temporary commercial activities or exhibition venues. Moreover, using a specific gray inner membrane color, the dome can become a 360° projection pavilion, combining projection or laser equipment to create a dreamlike light and shadow space. Therefore, the air dome can also bring diversified benefits to the owners.

In conclusion

We believe that there will be more and more cases of using air dome as a community stadium, and it will spark a huge mass sports market. More investment will be absorbed by air dome technology and more successful business cases will be born. In the future, the commercial mainstream of community sports stadium investment will be the air dome building. For more information about air domes, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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