Why Do Many People Choose Air Dome to Make Indoor Arenas?

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With the continuous progress of society and the popularization of air dome buildings, more and more people choose to use air domes to make indoor arenas. Because the area of the arena is relatively large, the construction of general traditional buildings is time-consuming, and the approval is complicated. So considering the temporary building, although it is a temporary building, its service life is more than 15-20 years, and the safety performance is very good.

 air dome arena

The flexibility of the air dome arena is very high.

The air dome arena can be built on the old field without damaging the old field facilities, which solves the problem of insufficient space. And the film material used in the air dome has good tensile strength, tear strength, heat resistance, durability and fire resistance.

The air dome arena adopts a double-layer membrane structure and local lighting design.

There is no pillar support inside the stadium, which can achieve a completely barrier-free clear space, which is convenient for football. The air dome has short construction period, low cost, high safety and has its own unique characteristics. It is the best way to build an indoor arena.

The air dome building is a sealed building that is not affected by the external environment.

The air dome building can truly achieve the goal of "exercise every day, grow healthily, and benefit for life". All factors of the interior space can be controlled as required, such as: air pressure, temperature, humidity, etc., to provide a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment.

 air dome arena

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