Air dome opens the 5.0 era,Surprise launch the Hybrid Air domes

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Air dome opens the 5.0 era


Based on「Nature Light」concept

The 5th generation of hybrid air dome

Based on the design concept, membrane materials and basic system

Bring great innovation

"Nature light" emphasizes according to the changes of light and heat in the environment to design the stadium

So we put forward the different types of stadiums for different areas

Introduce more natural light while balancing temperature and humidity

Perfect sports experience

The 5th generation of air dome with more minimalist configuration

Shorter construction cycle

and longer service life




What is the 5th generation hybrid air dome?

The birth of the 5th generation hybrid air dome comes from the two patented membrane materials ClearStrong® independently developed by Broadwell Series. Following the design concept of nature light, and taking the regional temperature zone as the division, we develop four types of air dome stadium to meet the use needs of different regions.



"Nature light" design concept

Daylighting is of great significance to buildings. For buildings, reasonable organization of natural light in different functional spaces can expand people's psychological space and meet the good wishes of approaching sunshine and nature in sports. The 5th generation hybrid air dome stadium with "nature light" as the design concept has a variety of light environments. Exercising in it is more conducive to the development of physical and mental health.



5 major surprise upgrades


New membrane material - long lifetime

Membrane Warranty: 25 Years


Foundation Upgrade - Fast Construction

ClearStrong® membrane + patented foundation anchoring system

Turn-Key Project: 30days



Full transparency upgrade - better daylighting selected

The ClearStrong® transparent membranes adopt ultra-high strength protective coating technology, with good self-cleaning and 25 year warranty. Meanwhile, Clearstrong ® Series transparent membrane materials have ultra-high transparency. Combined with NL design concept, they help customers realize the ultra-high experience of natural lighting in daytime and natural warming in winter in different temperature areas.

Temperature control upgrade –with better experience



Broadwell has developed EC series cooling and heating temperature control system, which changes the design of traditional air dome duct and distributed cooling and heating temperature control system to provide comfortable fresh air circulation in the stadium, and make the 5th generation air dome more energy-saving and temperature control more humanized.



More security - safety whole year

The 5th generation patented steel cable harness system help customers comprehensively cope with the climate change in different regions all year.




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