The latest technical research achievement of Broadwell: Make the air dome structure to be energy independence

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Recently, a new technical research of Broadwell, make us to see the bright future of air dome. This kind of technology make air dome to be a green and energy-saving structure, no need to be powered by other power source, totally be supported by natural power source – solar power.

How to save energy and improve the commercial value of building is a subject that mankind has been studying for a long time. As a new type of building structure which is widely used in various areas, the air dome has finally reached the high level of advance by self-breakthrough in the continuous development and improvement.

The latest research project of Broadwell – “Flexible thin film solar energy power supply system of Air Dome Structure”, after 3 years’ research and development, has been officially accepted by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission recently. By using CIGS flexible thin-film solar energy, this technology solves the problem of continuous power supply for air dome.

By combining flexible thin film with air dome, and using technologies such as solar energy and electrical energy conversion, storage, to make air dome be energy self-sufficient, and achieve the concept to make air dome a green and low-energy building.

Air dome relies heavily on energy compare with ordinary buildings. It needs stable power supply to ensure the normal operation of air dome. In the operation, air dome needs to ensure continues air supply from inflation system, which requires continues power supply to make the inflation system keep running 24/7.

By combining solar energy with air dome, we can use this kind of natural energy anytime and anywhere, it will break through the energy limitation of air dome, makes it running 24/7 without using social energy, also make air dome can be used in the area or district which is lack of power supply.

Broadwell manufacture center: with“Flexible thin film solar energy power supply system of Air Dome Structure”

Air dome structure has unique advantages of using solar energy

The characteristics of structure for air dome make the application of thin film photovoltaic solar energy on air dome with advantaged superiority. For an air dome, the area of fabric membrane is about 1.8 times of the floor area. For example, a 4000sqm air dome, the area of fabric membrane is about 7200sqm. On the other hand, generally the air dome is half oval, which makes the flexible thin film solar energy board can take lighting 360 degrees. In sunny area, an air dome with this method can not only provide the energy for self-operation, but also can be design as a solar power station. By combining the air dome and flexible thin film solar energy board to transfer solar power to electric energy to make air dome an energy station, and the inside large space with utilization rate can meet the requirement of various activities.

As the fastest economic growth developing country, China is also the largest country in the world to make new buildings every year, 2 billion square meters new buildings of each year will be consumed 40% of the world's cement and steel. Driven by the high growth model of GDP in the past decades, China has also created two world records: in consumed most of the world's cement and steel, in the meantime, produced the world's largest construction waste -- up to 400 million tons per year, which is 30%-40% of total waste. “China may have become the world's largest country to make waste of construction," the < Financial Times> said. Therefore, the development of energy saving and emission reduction in China has become very urgent.

The development of green buildings has already been promoted as a national strategy in the “12th five-year plan“ of China. Maximum energy saving, water, land and materials saving, reduce pollution, protect the environment, improve the living comfort, health and safety, in relation to the direct interest of the masses and the country's long-term interests.

Base on the green building concept to choose the architectural form, and more consideration of energy conservation and environmental protection concept in the architectural design has formed a consensus in various building areas of the society.

Air dome is a kind of architecture which makes almost no influence for the environment of city, it is the best solution of light green architecture, with the excellent performance of “light weight”, “quick installation”, “huge space”, “installation and operation cost saving”, “easy to re-location”, etc. Air dome is the lightest architecture, the weight is just 1/30 of ordinary architecture, with excellent anti-seismic performance, and the foundation is very simple. Air dome can be made for different shape, with high level of intelligent control and monitor, the space can be used 100%. The installation is quite simple, no need water or other site, it can be done in any time in the whole year, no noise, dust or other construction waste, generally it will be done around 10 days, and the cost is around 30% of the original architecture. Air dome can be used for different air conditions, it is also reusable, moving air dome 100% to another place without any water or environment pollution. Air dome can also combine with different types of architecture.

The beautiful imagination of people for buildings is no limitation. We want to have comfortable space, and we also hope that the buildings we use will take up as little of our limited resources on earth as possible.

In the future, we can image that our life will be like this: we don't have to use reinforced concrete and other resources, take years to build logistics warehouse, factory, stadium, etc., it will only take one month, so we can be in an air dome, breathe clean air, feel the life breath which nature gives to us. The sunshine gives us endless power, we can grow plants in the air dome, take activities or work in the air dome, live in the air dome...


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