BroadCool Cold Storage Product Introduction

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BroadCool applies a standard dimension of 6m *16m*3m, the effective usable storage volume arrive100m³. And it can be completed installation in 1 hour, also the same time as dismantle. After packing,  the whole BroadCool cold storage can be shipped by a 4.2m length Van. Therefore BroadCool the fast install and effective shipping advantages help he clients rapidly develop the business and very suitable to move in agricultural districts.




Product Energy cost

Due the membrane sealing design characteristic, add the Broadwell patented A level hybrid insulation material technology system, BroadCool’s energy cost for per sqm per day is about 0.5-1.0kwh, that is 96kwh electricity cost per day. And regard the traditional cold storage electricity cost, that is about 1.1-2.3kwh per day. BroadCool has significant energy saving advantages.


Different temperature zone design

BroadCool fast install cold storage can have different temperature zone design. Through adjust COOL air technology system, BroadCool can easily swift his function to meet the requirement of sorting, refrigeration, elimination function. Clients can choose this function according to the market needs.




Original clean and sterile type cold storage warehouse

Compared with traditional cold storage warehouse, BroadCool has below 3 main innovation advantages.

  • Firstly, BroadCool can reduce bacteria and germs and improve the freshness of fresh product and delay spoilage. By used Broadwell patented ClearStrong® antibacterial membrane material, BroadCool effectively control the grow of bacteria number at the very low level. In addition, BCL Solid base sterilization technology is applied in BroadCool which can kill 93% bacteria in the storage space. In conclusion, BroadCool provides the clean and sterile environment inside the cold storage and completely stop the spread of disease through cold supply chain.



  • Another advantage,BroadCool revolutionary change the construction type of cold storage. By used movable alloy frame structure, BroadCool can be installed in several hours, also can be fast dismantle and easy packing, thus BroadCool can directly set on the farm, effective shipping to different region according to different harvest time. And even by repeated move, install and dismantle use, BroadCool cold storage useful life can arrive 15 years. Moreover, it energy cost is only 50% as the traditional cold storage.
  • In conclusion, BroadCool is a revolution, green , convenience and economic cold storage solution.






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