Overseas Express| The first sports dome was built officially completed in Goseong, South Korea

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Recently, the Goseong tennis dome was officially completed the mainbody installation which was constructed by Broadwell, and will be entered into the interior decoration stage. The tennis dome is located in Kyeongnam Aviation High School Goesong with a total 2500 square meters and three standard tennis courts, which are affiliated to the Goesong Tennis Association. It is also the first indoor tennis court built with air structure in Goseong city.



The tennis dome is 57.55m x 42.08m x 14m (LxWxH) total 2421.7 square meter. It is designed with double-layer membrane with the insulation material, a skylight designed in the middle of the top to increase the lighting inside the dome, no need the lights power supply in the daytime. Meantime, two interlock doors are set for the personnel to enter and exit, and three emergency doors designed as fire safety passages.



The tennis dome is equipped with the core patented technology " Bias-harness cable net system  " of Broadwell, which can resist the 16 level typhoon and the snow of more than 250kg / m2. Goesong city is located in the coastal zone and belongs to the middle and high latitude coastal city, there are typhoons in summer and thick snow in winter, so the third generation bias-harness steel cable technology can well ensure the safe and stable operation of the tennis dome all year round. In terms of foundation system, the dome adopts the unique foundation anchoring system of Broadwell, which has excellent air tightness and is easy to install and disassemble. It is anti-aging and corrosion-resistant, and does not cause damage to the membrane materials. The whole project takes only 90 days from the initiation to completion. In addition, the dome adopts the whole set of remote intelligent management system ofbroadwell, which provides the operator with a more intelligent digital management and operation platform, improves the daily operation efficiency and safety, and reduces the management cost.


The tennis dome has many advantages, such as rapid construction, comfortable indoor environment, economy and energy saving, large internal space and good seismic resistance. It has great demand in the East Asian markets such as South Korea and Japan. As early as 2019, we built a multi-functional air dome integrating sport and emergency facilities for Pohang City South Korea, which is deeply loved by Pohang citizens. At present, the air dome has gradually become a popular construction form of sports venues in South Korea. Goseong tennis dome is also the first landing project of the cooperation between Broadwell and Field global the largest builder in South Korea. In the future more cooperation projects will be land in major cities of South Korea.


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