Basketball Air Dome

Basketball Air Dome


Broadwell All-Weather Green Intelligent Sports Venues are healthy and comfortable professional sports spaces built with natural air energy and environmental friendly architectural membrane materials, equipped with mechanical equipment. It is a prefabricated light-weight building with the characteristics of light weight, fast construction, mobility and relocation. It can be used to build various types of sports venues and meets Global Professional Competition standards. As a green building, Broadwell Inflated Gymnasium is Economical, Energy-Saving, Low-Carbon and Environmental friendly, which is in line with the green building and sustainable development concepts vigorously promoted by the state.
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basketballProduct Positioning

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Positioned as a healthy, comfortable, fast-constructed , economical and energy-saving mass gymnasium, it meets the sports needs of mass sports and grassroots sports, is suitable for popularization construction, improves the per capita site area index, changes the situation of insufficient basic venue facilities in my country, and effectively promotes mass sports in my country comprehensive career development.

basketballOur Value

cut costs

Cutting Costs

  • The basic cost can be reduced by more than 70%
  • The total construction cost has been reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional steel structure venues
  • Respond quickly to the market and realize benefits quickly
Safety and energy saving

Safety and Energy Saving

  • Unique safety Patent Technology "oblique orthogonal steel mesh" system, safe operated for 30 years
  • Fully Enclosed Technology without cold bridge, reducing Operating Energy Consumption by 70%
  • Unique "Remote Intelligent Control System" to precisely adjust energy supply and reduce energy consumption
Comfortable and anti-smog

Comfortable Environment

  • The unique technology "Blue sky" purification system can effectively isolate 99% of smog
  • Oxygen-Enriched environment, fresh air circulation can reach 6-16 times/hour
  • Indoor temperature and humidity can be adjusted, constant temperature and humidity throughout the year
Intelligent control

Intelligent Control

  • 24-hour Automatic Monitoring of temperature, Humidity, Wind Pressure and other indicators in the building
  • Managers can remotely monitor the operation status of venues through mobile APP, reducing management costs
  • Fully Automatic Alarm Device to realize emergency, real-time alarm, safer and more worry-free

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