Customized Air Dome

Customized Air Dome







Versatile, Fully-Enclosed Structures

Fully covers nearly any surface.


Easy Relocation and Delivery

Easy to dismantle, relocate  and re-install.


High Efficieny Mechanicals = Very Low Operational Costs

Inflation costs: 4-5 cents per square foot per year


Fast Installation

Installation of the dome can be completed within two days for small domes, and 10-14 days for large domes


Engineered to withstand up to 150mph wind and 50psf snow





Broadwell Air Domes serve in a variety of applications, from Sports & Entertainment to Industrial & Warehousing.







1 Superior Fabric


1)Broadwell’s fabric offer over 20 years service Life

Anti -Oxidation

Fire Prevention

Earthquake Resisting



Meets requirements of the International  Building Code  and  International  Fire  Code


2)BROADWELL Advance Fabric Processing Technology of Cold-Bridge Proof Principle





3)World Advanced Membrane Processing Equipments





4)Advanced RF Welding Technology in Dust-Free Plant





2 Broadwell Cable Bias Harness Net System


1)Pressure: 250-1000Pa (1-4 wc)

Wind load: 150 mph (More than a 16 level of Typhoon)

Snow Load: ~51 psf

Max Width: ~475’

Max Oscillating Displacement: 4”





2)Self-Adjusting Cable Sheaves






3)BROAWELL Unique Patented Anchorage System Design





Attachment Building – Steel Beam or Concrete





3 Broadwell Foundation Options


1)Grade Beam Foundation





2)Cement Block Foundation





3)Shipping Container Building Attachment




4 ALL-IN-ONE AIRFRESH® Mechanical System


Integrated HVAC: Inflation, Heating, Cooling, Backup

Our mechanical systems are custom-designed for the Air Dome to maximize energy efficiency during both occupied and unoccupied hours. Our backup systems meet the International Building Code requirements for safe operation of the Airdome structure.


1)Professional Customized Equipment Unit

2)BROADWELL unique combination air duct technology(Patent No:201510764818.5)




5 Air Purification Technology


The Broadwell Five-Stage Air Purification System filters out dust and other pollutants, including more than 95% of pm2.5 particles, then kills mold, germs, and viruses to provide an extremely fresh and clean air inside the dome.

Air can be fully recirculated 6-16 times per hour.





6 Unique 3rd Generation Air Dome Technology (Cell phone APP control interface)


With our remote monitoring system, you can set up safety alerts that will automatically call or text you if pressure drops or wind increases.



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