Application of Air Domes in the Field of Industrial Storage

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The emergence of air dome buildings is an innovative breakthrough in the field of industrial storage.

With the gradual improvement of national environmental protection standards, coal, electric power, cement, non-ferrous metals and other industrial fields are facing the heavy task and pressure of emission reduction and pollution control, and a new and more advanced method is urgently needed to solve the problem.The emergence of air dome buildings is undoubtedly a help in the snow.

As a more economical and flexible construction mode, the air dome building can save nearly half of the cost while meeting the storage needs. It is more intelligent and convenient in warehouse management, and users can use it with ease, which can meet the needs of industrial fields with special requirements for warehouse environment.

In the field of industrial warehousing, the advantages of using air membrane buildings are as follow.

air dome buildings

1. Use as you build

Prefabricated assembly, zero-pollution construction; installation only takes 10 days; container ground system to achieve rapid disassembly and relocation.

2. Reduce costs

The total construction cost is reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional steel structure venues; the basic cost can be reduced by more than 70%; it can quickly respond to the market and

3. Safe and stable

Broadwell 's unique patented safety technology "oblique orthogonal steel mesh" system can resist typhoon level 16 and more than 250kg/㎡ snow; "three-level security system", multiple guarantees, zero accident and safer; perfect fire protection security system

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

No cold bridge fully enclosed technology, operating energy consumption is reduced by 70%; the membrane material has excellent sealing performance, independent operating environment, zero contact with the outside world, and avoids environmental pollution; the membrane material has self-cleaning performance, no maintenance, and green environmental protection.

5. Intelligent control

24-hour automatic monitoring of temperature, humidity, wind pressure and other indicators in the building; managers can remotely monitor the operation of the venue through the mobile APP, reducing management costs; automatic alarm device, realize emergency, real-time alarm, safer and more peace of mind.

Cooperate with us for air dome structures

The advantages of air dome buildings will promote the upgrading of industrial warehouses in my country and cause a huge change in the existing building system.Broadwell has always insisted on continuous research and upgrading of air dome technology, so that air dome technology can maximize its advantages in the practical application of industrial warehousing industry and solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional building structures. If you are concerned about the cooperation of air membrane buildings in industrial storage, you can get in touch with us immediately.


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