Components Of An Air Dome

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An air dome is a large enclosed structure which is mostly used for large events. Events such as large conferences and sporting events such as large conferences and sporting events are great for air domes.

Materials such as PVC and special fabrics are used to enclose the space over a large area. Air domes are anchored to the ground to trap air pressure and hardly require any form of construction.

Many things make up the success of an air dome and these include its components. Here are a few components of an air dome you should know.

Components of An Air Dome

1. The entrance and exit

How you get in and out of an air dome is very important, especially in a gathering of many people. There is a need to consider the types of entrances that can accommodate large crowds.

Not all door types can serve as entrances and exits for an air dome. It is best to use doors which can help sustain the air pressure. Revolving doors are one of the most recommended types.

Entrances and exits of air domes should be wide enough for large vehicles containing pieces of equipment to pass. There should also be enough exits in case of emergencies.

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2. Heating and cooling systems.

Air domes must have systems that can regulate the temperature within the enclosed area. Heating and cooling systems are therefore important

The amount of space between the internal and external areas of the air dome can help you judge how well-insulated it is. Insulation is also a great factor that helps reduce noise pollution.

3. Cover material

For long-term air domes, the right type of fabric must be chosen. The fabric of any air dome determines how well-protected those within it are.

Strong resistance to puncture, UV protection and enough strength to deal with weather factors are conditions any air dome cover material must pass. If possible be sure to choose a material that fits your taste in decor and makes the whole event look more attractive.

4. The lighting system

Skylights or translucent-covered air domes usually rely on sunlight for their lighting systems. In such cases, there is usually a little amount of lighting needed.

Enclosed areas on the other hand can get dark without sunlight and even in daytime rooms need to be bright enough. It's therefore important that the air dome have a good lighting system.

Lighting can be suspended on the roof or put on the walls of the air dome for effect. Whatever type you may want can be made available in an air dome.

5. Mechanical and Electrical set up

Mechanical and electrical equipment are needed for the full functioning of the air domes. These systems help ensure a smooth function of all machines being used to keep the air dome afloat

Standby generator systems can help if ever the main power source fails. The air pressure monitor is a system that helps keep track of the air pressure within the dome.

Good wiring is also needed within an air dome to properly connect other electrical equipment such as lighting and insulating services. Electrical wiring should be done by experienced technicians to avoid electrical accidents.

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