Broadwell Barbie Pink Air Dome Laser Show has Lightened Entire Miami City

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I believe that you have never seen something like ‘Pink Barbie’ Air Dome in real life, Yes, this is true. Air Dome structure can be ‘dressed’ in different colors as well !

This summer, the Film < Barbie > has made color so called 'Barbie Pink' to 'come out of the box'. This year in Miami, Broadwell’s laser show has ‘Enlightened’ the entire Miami city and the industry, Broadwell has built ‘All Pink’ Air Dome for Laser Show. This is the second Broadwell Laser show in Miami. Now this time, we use pink to match the gorgeous laser show, which have perfectly matched the current popular trending of the movie 'Barbie'. Pink Air Dome structure is shining surrounded by ocean and trees in Miami. This structure perfectly matches this fantasy and diversified city.

The Diameter of this Air Dome is 42 meters , with total floor area of 1385 square meters, it is designed in hemispheric shape. The main body has applied Pink Membrane material. Digital Laser technology can be applied for the inner side to create great atmosphere.

If Air Dome applications various from one to another, then membrane materials can be changed as well. Beside strong Tear Resistant Capability, Corrosion-Proof capability, Fire-Proof capability, the color of the membrane material can be customized according to your favorite as well, we are able to show various appearances of different color base on customers’ demand.

For previous cases, Broadwell has already provided different membrane color. For example, Yinchuan Exhibition Hall; ZhaoQing Swimming Pool Beijing Air Dome Stadiums. Broadwell has designed different colors of membrane to provide a different visual effect to the city. Meanwhile, Broadwell is able to put customized Logo and pictures on the membrane of Air Dome structure, various creative ideas are able to be displayed on an Air Dome. Therefore, Airdome structure is considered to be the landmark and a good place for advertisement in the city. Broadwell has made impossible to be possible with great technology method.


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