From ErDaoJingZi Site Museum to Ancient Architecture

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ErDao Jingzi Historical Site Air DomeMuseum was built in 2015, Floor area inside is approximately 10,000 square meters, this is the First Air Dome Historical Site Museum in the country.

Let us visit ErDaoJingZi museum to check out what will historical sites look like inside of Air Dome Structure.

If we drive along ChaoYang High Speed Express way from ChiFeng( Inner Mongolia) to chaoyang(liaoning), you are able to see a Giant Historical Site Air DomeMuseum which is covered by huge white Membrane Materials, this membrane material is the key to maintain stable temperature and moisture level inside of Air Dome structure, it is one of the great features of Broadwell Air Dome. As a structure that is inflated on top of a tunnel, light weight is essential to location due to limited load-bearing capability above the Tunnel. Surprisingly, this museum is only built within several days.

On 2009 , High Speed Express way of ChiChao was under construction,a hill was lied across the front side of North Region of ErDaoJingZi village which located in ChiFeng , Inner Mongolia. To coordinate with Express Way construction,archaeological cultural relic research team from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region created a group to start Mining Rescue process. It started at the end April, after 2 month, a historical site laid by mud brick, bank laid single track, dual track, dual track plus garden wall various shape of sites have been revealed. Since historical site has been exposed to air, to avoid corrosion and climate effect on this “ Treasure Architecture”, it is best to be protected by Air Dome structure because this structure is able to control the humidity and temperature level for inner space, the internal environment can be monitored remotely through our app, our Air Dome’s Auto Alerting system guarantees the security, this system will be triggered in case of any incidents occur. This environment will be the best for protecting historical sites. The fairly complete medium-sized settlements of lower Xia Jia Dian Culture preserved in the historical site were able clearly presented to us through Air Dome Structure.

Each of the Broadwell Air Dome is going through series computing process to make sure that the airdome is fitting designated goal. In this case, Air Dome is customized to protect this historical site. Most importantly, it is Air-Inflated, which does not give pressure to the ground to eliminate the possibility of collapsing.

Usually the cost of Air Dome structure is between thousands to hundred thousands dollars, traditional concrete buildings will usually cost Millions, from this economic perspective, Air Dome structure will save you a lot of money.

In terms of spaces, there are beams and columns structure to support buildings, however, this type of structure will reduce inner spaces. For Air Dome type of structure, the structure is purely supported by Air, no beams and columns, therefore it will provide huge inner spaces, which will allow companies to take advantages of large internal space and place more materials. From Economic Perspective, large space means business will make more money.

At the First Historical Site Museum covered by Air Dome structure. Broadwell is so honored to participate in National Key Cultural Heritage Protection, we know that we are responsible to keep and protect the cultural heritage because we want to keep our ‘National Treasure.’ Broadwell’s technical team has been doing a lot researches on this project design before we actually started building this structure; We have been focusing on the safety and internal environmental design issues. During installation period, our engineering team has overcome bad weathers, complex terrain status to build Air Dome structure. Most importantly, it allows us to see the prosperous life of ancient times, it has welcomed numbers of visitors, which is kind of like a time machine, transferring us to 4000 year old culture & heritage.


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